Friday, July 24, 2009

One year older and...22

Yesterday was my 22 birthday. To tell you the truth, that feels kind of old. haha I know it's not, it's just weird that I'm 22. It was a great day! It's been a birthday month, thanks to Nic. He has been surprising me with gifts left and right - it didn't stop though! I got up yesterday morning to a yummy breakfast Nic made for me: pancakes and scrambeled eggs with ham. It was very tasty! He went off to work (sadly) and I went about my day as I normally would. Went up to the bathroom to take a shower and to my surprise... If you can't tell what it reads: Happy Birthday my super, HOTT SEXY wife. I love you! Such a sweet husband - wrote me a little note on the mirror (don't mind me smiling underneath the camera haha). Day went on...I met Nic and my parents for lunch at the lovely Subway. Not quite lovely, but it was a convenient quick stop for lunch. To my surprise, my sweet husband had these waiting for me... I had to take a picture of the cute paper they were wrapped in... My parents also had this waiting for me. I know mom, your wrapping was so much better then the re-do I did. haha In the bag were these 2 cute shirts (sorry about sideways shot). And also this way cute bag. Yes, that's right another bag for me! :) Yay! I have wanted a mustard yellow bag for some time and my parents remembered me saying that. :) After Nic got home from work, we went to his company's picnic. It was yummy food and being with great people. We then rented a movie and ended the night cuddling on the couch...or so I thought. Chris and Jocelyn stopped by with their dog Stark to say happy birthday with a card. Thank you for stopping by! That was the final end of our night... It was a great birthday! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! Thank you to my parents for lunch and the great birthday gift! :) (Can't wait for dinner at the Rocky Point Resort on Saturday night) Thank you especially to Nic. He has made this birthday so special for me. It was a first great married birthday with the one I love. Thank you love! :)

Greek God

This is our greek god: ZEUS...or he is our pet Beta fish. We actually got him almost 2 weeks ago. We went to PetCo and scoped out the best Beta...We picked out this one - he's a really virbrant blue with a black face. Walking out of the store, we saw a bird for over $1,000! What a ridiculous price for a BIRD! I can understand paying maybe $20 for a cute little finch, but honestly. Does this bird bring you a Diet Coke? Clean? Do the laundry? Go to school? The point is that the bird's name was Zeus. He was like the Greek God of all birds for that price. haha That's what we decided to name our Beta...he wasn't over $1,000. Thank goodness!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunny Sunriver 09

It was another fabulous time up at Sunriver. I love going there every year! My parents sure do know how to make it memorable. Unfortunately, Nic and I weren't able to head up until Wednesday night - at least we were able to go though. It was well worth it. There was a walk to Benham Falls, bike riding, swimming, eating, park playing, Village shopping, and of course more eating. Sunriver is a great place to relax. Bike riding is always so enjoyable and I love walking around the Village. This is a pic of Nic and me at Benham Falls... My brother Sam and his wife, Nikki are photographers (their website) and they wanted to do some family pictures at Fort Rock Park. Here are Nic and I... My whole family...minus my brother-in-law Jefferson... All in all it was a GREAT trip! It was so fun to spend time with my whole family! I love them all and miss them always! A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to these 2 amazing people... My parents. They have been taking me and my family to Sunriver EVERY Summer for as long as I can remember. They always make it an enjoyable trip every time. My parents sure do know how to have fun. Thank you again for such an amazing time. I love you both! :)


The last bday gift Nic gave me last night was a clear protector for the screen of my MP3 player. No real great pictures to post with it, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts Nic. I love them all. :) You are the best! I love you MORE (and no I'm not lying ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday time...again!

The partying/gift giving continues. I would say that I have the most generous, thoughtful hubby around - you can't get much better than Nic. Sorry ladies...Here I am about to open a few more gifts...
Case for my MP3 player!
A North Face backpack! Woo hoo!And there's even 1 more to open....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's my BIRTHDAY...almost

So it's not quite my birthday, but it really is almost - it's not until July 23. Nic decided to start celebrating a little bit earlier, so last night I got to open 2 of my presents...
Nic and I being our silly selves...
My #1 present...a paper cutter!
I was pointing out the fact that we couldn't find our Scotch tape, so he used duct tape. Love it!
#2 present: a cassette adapter for my MP3 player. Now I don't have to steal Nic's any more.
This is a better pic of us...
Thank you brown eyes for the birthday presents! You are so good to me. :) Let the party begin......