Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HoMe: JuNe 20

Last night we were in Canada, this morning we woke up back in Seattle.
Morning selfie. Right back where we started. Literally.
How the disembarkation works...
You are assigned a number, given luggage tags, and you don't get off until your number is called. 
We had to have our luggage waiting outside our room the night before with our luggage tags.
The next morning, we waited until our number was called. Got off the ship. Found our luggage. Went through customs. Took a bus to the airport and got checked in.
We met up with Dan, Margie, Josh and Davlyn one last time for lunch before we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. 
 We flew from Seattle to Portland. Portland to Medford.

After arriving in Medford, we drove home and picked up our little Rev man. He was surprised to see me. Immediately reached out for me and pointed to the car and said "momma's car." 
Everytime I said goodbye to him over the next couple of days, he would start crying. I had to tell him the best I could that I was coming back. It was sweet in a way. :)

As per tradition in our family, we buy a magnet for every new place we visit.
Our Alaskan adventure magnet collection. 
 As you can tell, we had a great trip. We couldn't have had such a great trip without family and friends helping us out by watching Everett and Chewy. 
Thank you to everyone who helped us out! 
Thank you Celebrity Solstice for the great memories!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

ViCtOrIa: JuNe 19

After enjoying room service breakfast this morning, we headed for our massages. Yes, there's a spa on board. I had an aromatherapy massage by Claudia. I had quite a few knots. We then enjoyed the Persian Garden for some added relaxation. We got cleaned up and took a daily selfie.
We then enjoyed a lunch with Dan, Margie, Josh and Davlyn in the Grand Epernay. We then headed to the farewell show with Broncar Lee in the Solstice Theater.
Dan and Margie
Josh and Davlyn
Broncar Lee beat boxing with a harmonica. So impressive.
Broncar asked for a volunteer to come up on stage - someone who hasn't been drinking. N shot his hand in the air. Broncar asked him how many drinks he'd had - N's answer was 0. Broncar asked N how many fingers he was holding up and obviously N answered correctly and up on stage he went. They're doing a manly booty bump.
N giving Broncar a drum roll to...drink water.
N helped Broncar keep time (beats per minute) for juggling on his homemade drum. He set a new record of 180 BPM. Very impressive.
N and Broncar Lee. 
Broncar Lee gave him a signed CD.
After the show we headed back to our room to pack and await our arrival into Victoria, B.C. We arrived around 5 PM but couldn't disembark until around 6.

 Selfie in Victoria
 Welcome to Canada, eh?

 We headed onto a double decker bus with our friends for a tour around the city.

 I saw more wildlife here in Victoria than in Alaska.

 I wish I could remember how many mosaic tiles it took to make this - it was a lot.

 The tallest totem pole in North America


After our tour, there was an Allied farewell reception in the natural history museum.
 The closest I ever got to a bear on this cruise.
 After mingling and eating food, we walked around downtown Victoria.
 It says: Welcome to Victoria.

 After getting back on the ship later tonight, we spent some time talking with Josh and Davlyn in the Quasar.  Then it was off to bed and when we wake up in the morning, we'll be in Seattle.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At SeA: June 18

We were at sea all day traveling in international waters.
Daily selfie.

 After a delightful breakfast and enjoying some hot chocolate, we met up with Dan and Margie in the Oceanview Cafe and hung out with them for 2 hours! 
We then went to an afternoon show of a magic show - the same guy who did the magic show last night, but it was a whole new show. Wait for it...I got asked to go up on stage! Two other guys and I were asked to assist with a big illusion - I got to inspect a big canvas body bag, lock up a trunk and hold the key and tie 5 knots.. I still have no idea how he did it. Because of my spiky hair, he told me I looked like Kate (from the TLC show with her 8 kids). After the show, people kept asking me how he did the trick and I literally have no clue how. It was impressive and I was standing right next to him. People called me Kate or magic show. It was fun to assist. :) After the show, Nic and Dan played a game of ping pong in the Quasar. 
 We enjoyed some yummy gelato. 

 I did enjoy these days at sea because they were so relaxing and there was always something going on. 
We got ready for the evening - formal night.We went to a cocktail reception and had a yummy dinner with Kevin in the Grand Epernay. After dinner we  headed to Solstice - a cirque show. 

 This guy was balancing on 2 thin little poles.
 He then was balancing on 2 thin little poles with blocks. He then knocked the blocks off one at a time. 

After the show we met up Dan and Margie and hung out for a little while.
After the picture below was taken a group of people came up to me and wanted a picture with me, the now famous person for being in the magic show. Let's just say they had a few drinks in them...
I can't explain the picture below because honestly I don't remember the significance of it. I remember it being funny at the time. It was late...