Tuesday, November 11, 2014

EaRlY bIrThDaY

We celebrated E's birthday on November 1 and it was a memorable one.
E's birth parents came to town to meet E and celebrate with us. It was so good seeing them! :)
After hanging out at our house for a little bit, we headed to G&G Stewart's house for cake, ice cream and presents. G&G Phair, Uncle Craig and Aunt Molly, Aunt Dani and lots of cousins all came.
He opened presents but wasn't too into it. 
Look at that face - both of them!

A tub of cars!

 A couple of the present were a little boring (clothes and PJs) so N was super excited to open them for E. 
My friend helped me make E's cake - she did a lot of the work. I did help though. 
Isn't it amazing?!
While we were all singing "Happy Birthday" E turned away the whole time with a huge smile on his face - so coy.
What a great evening we had with E's birth parents. They will always hold a special place in all of our hearts.
E got this tonka truck from K&D (birthparents).
 This kid was spoiled! Cars, trucks, garages, chairs, play food and more cars. 

 Also a gift from K&D

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


October is over? How can that be? Where does the time go? 
This little guy keeps us on our toes and laughing.
 General Conference. You can imagine how that was with a toddler.
 E learned how to shrug and it took me a few days to figure out where he learned it.
There was a show I would watch and the little girl shrugs her shoulders during the opening. 
He copies and repeats just about everything.
 We had a date night to see Godspell. My mom and sister were in the show - amazing. We laughed A LOT and cried a little too. 
 While Nic was attending the temple with the youth, E and I hit up Costco and Target. 
We love the popcorn at Target!
 Have I mentioned this kid is obsessed with cars/trucks? He is. 
 I was so ready for the Fall. 
We attended downtown for Scarecrow Row. There are quite a few things for kids to do, but we headed there for trick-or-treating at the local businesses.
 He is the cutest raccoon!

 We even rode on a "train."
 Up next was our ward trunk-or-treat. 
He was kind of feisty during the dinner except these moments caught on camera.

 Happy Halloween!
 Halloween lunch at Arby's. Finally got him to try the mozzarella sticks and he actually liked them!
Friends in our ward invite over a bunch of families for dinner and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

 This was E's first official trick-or-treating year and he loved it. He tried to go in to every house. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


I can't believe how fast time flies!
 Before school started we went to the annual Tulelake Fair with family. 
Everett wasn't old/tall enough to ride any rides, but we were able to do a pony ride (which he LOVED!)

 These 2 were buddies in the pre-existence. No doubt.
 I can't believe how much he changes day to day

 This is me with the other ladies I serve with in stake YW. So much fun!
 We like taking selfies
 Playing over at our cousin's house

 We enjoyed the beautiful weather and went on walks

We went over to a friend's house for a BBQ.
Everett loved talking to the animals.

 We love putting on momma and daddy's shoes.
September flew by!