Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MaY tHuS fAr

What we've been up to lately...
We went on a painting whirlwind and got most of our master bedroom painted. 
After painting, we moved in! Yay.
 What a goof!

 Now that Everett is a pro at rolling from his back to his stomach, he is always on his stomach.
Next feat is to learn to roll from his stomach to his back. 

 Lovely Spring days call for walks.

 Are you talkin' to me? 

What a handsome face (I know I say that all of the time).
A few weeks ago, we had 5 Phair kids (4 kids + 1 dog) over at our house for the weekend.
Nic's brother's kids stayed at our house while they were out of town.
The kids have never stayed at our house and we had a great time. Soccer games, movies, popcorn, walks.
Harrison and Dazzle.
 The boys sure do love their Uncle Nic.
 Watching a movie.
Thanks for staying at our house Phair kids! We had a great time with you!

FaThEr/SoN cAmPoUt

Nic, his dad and Everett went on our ward's father/son campout a few weekends ago.
 Enjoying some time with Brother Smith. He's our home teacher and has been for a few years.
 Men folk hanging out by the campfire.
 Grandpa Phair getting in some Everett snuggles while he naps.
 Good morning! The men enjoyed their manly bonding time camping.
(Mom enjoyed a quiet house while the boys were away.)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Everett had his 6 month check-up yesterday.
He has been trying so hard to roll over for the past couple of weeks.
As I went to go get him to put him in his carseat, he rolled over and was on his stomach.
I missed it! 
Now he rolls from his back to his stomach a lot. 
Anyways...here are his stats:

Head: 17.2 inches
Height: 26.2 inches
Weight: 15 pounds 7.8 ounces

He is a growing boy and healthy.
He had 3 shots yesterday and isn't quite up to par yet.
I can't believe I have a 6 month old. What?!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

EtErNiTy: PaRt 2

I love his face!
 Cousins L to R: Taytum, Hudson, Bentley, Calvin, Carter, Grayson, Andi

 Grayson and Carter
 Beckett (2 months older than Everett)
 My beautiful parents
 I'm so blessed to have this man as my husband and as Everett's father. 
Truly blessed.

EtErNiTy: PaRt 1

A LOT of pictures coming your way (in multiple posts).
Our sealing day was on Saturday March 23.
We had family come into town for this special occasion.
The night before we headed out to dinner (kidless) to celebrate.
 This day has finally come. The day I never thought would.
I could not stop crying that morning. 
Nic, Everett and I had to be to the temple an hour before our sealing time. We met with the temple president while Everett was dressed by his grandmas. We then met everyone in the sealing room while Everett was being held by a patron. My grandparents come from Arizona, so my grandpa could do the honors of sealing our family (he sealed Nic and I when we were married). My grandpa wanted to talk to us about the sealing ordinance before Everett was brought in. What my grandpa said was beautiful, but unfortunately Everett was screaming in the hallway. I felt so bad for the patron who was holding him (he was beyond exhausted in a new place and an unfamiliar face). It was not a sound you would expect to hear in the temple.

Everett was then brought into the sealing room and Nic and I were able to hold him and calm him down. I have never seen Nic melt the way he did when he held that little boy in his arms. It was a beautiful moment I was able to witness as a wife and mother. We then handed Everett to my grandma who held him during the actual sealing ordinance. He was an absolute angel - just staring at my grandpa and the chandelier. I think he knew what was going on. I bawled the entire time. I couldn't believe he is ours forever. :)

Our family members were able to come give us hugs afterwards and I could not stop crying. I felt so blessed to all of my siblings there, my parents, Nic's parents and a few of his siblings. This is what it's all about: families. We headed out to the temple grounds in our white clothes to take LOTS of pictures. My cheeks hurt so bad! 
 Families can be together forever

 Everett's cousins who came 
 Everett's grandparents
 Great Grandma and Grandpa Jensen
 The sealing party

 The original Stewart sibs
 I am one proud momma to have this boy for eternity
To be continued.....