Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PaRt 2

A continuation of SATURDAY...
Everett was exhausted and fell asleep on my lap. It was seriously precious.

He's all mine.
SUNDAY. We went to church and then headed to the port to the car show.
I couldn't tell you what cars these are, but I liked the look of them (I'm such a girl). 

We got ice cream at Slugs 'N Stones and Ice Cream Cones.
They always have booths and live music at the port.
We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Azalea Park.

It's a new tradition we started last year to take a series of random pictures.
For your viewing pleasure...

There's a reason we call him "chub chubs"

Harrison would hang out in the car while we would go and do things. 
He would always greet us with kisses.
While driving out of camp one evening, Nic spotted this GIGANTIC slug in the middle of the road. 
It was longer than my sunglasses.
We had dinner at Figaro's Pizza because they have delicious GF pizza.

Crushed it.

We headed home on MONDAY. It rained and rained and rained. We watched a movie in bed before we took down camp in the rain. We were sopping wet! Unfortunately the lights on our trailer weren't working when we went to leave (urgh), so we tracked down the number to 'Harold the RV guy.' He was able to do a temporary fix to at least give us some lights. We left later than we wanted to, but made it home safely. 
Can't wait until next year!

aZaLeA fEsTiVaL 2013 PaRt 1

We headed to Brookings for our annual Memorial Day trip: The Azalea Festival.
We took our whole family (dog included) and used our lovely pop-up tent trailer.
Since this was Everett's first time camping, we stayed at a more secluded campground: Loeb State Park.
It sits along the Chetco River about 8 miles out of Brookings. Lovely campground.

We got their late(r) WEDNESDAY evening, set up camp and grocery shopping.
THURSDAY. Good morning!

Everett loved watching movies on the IPad while we got ready and cleaned up.
We headed to the local library for the book sale and walked around downtown. Later that evening we went and saw Star Trek.
All downtown they have these different themed bears (I have no clue why but they do). This one was a ninja.
Don't mind the guy who's trying to be a ninja also. ;)
Another bear.
We would lay Everett on the bed and before you know it, he would be asleep. He was a trooper even without any real naps.
FRIDAY: We took a quick trip to Harris Beach and ate lunch there. 

It was a chilly day so there wasn't anyone on the beach.

We made a fire this evening - happy little camper by the fire.
I. Have. Made. Fire. 

There was a nice little trail to the river right below our campsite. 

Two handsome boys

We then took a walk around the campground.

SATURDAY. I got up and took Harrison on a walk on the River View Trail (also located in the campground). He was getting antsy and needed to get out. We walked for quite awhile with no end in sight, but it was a beautiful walk above the river.

It was a beautiful day so we headed back to Harris Beach.
Nic was a trooper and took Harrison into the ocean. If you know Oregon beaches, it's not the warmest water. It was FREEZING! 
Harrison loved playing in the water but was a pansy about going into the cold water. 

I then put Everett's feet into the water. He had no reaction to the cold water, except curling his toes. haha

To be continued.......