Monday, September 30, 2013

Here are some pictures that I missed posting:
Look at this huge family! Lots of color and lots of little people!
(from Sunriver)
 I am beyond thrilled how our family of 3 picture turned out.
I love the way our colors look together - how big Everett is smiling - how hot my husband looks. Dang! 
 And one from Beckett's first birthday party.
We loved celebrating with him and hope he celebrates with Everett when he turns 1.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

PhAiRs In PhRaNcE

A couple of weekends ago, we headed to Medford for Bob and Rita's (Nic's parents) setting apart.
The Phairs are headed to Phrance (haha get it?)
We went over a little early and did a little shopping: new carseat for Everett, birthday shopping for Everett, dress shirts for Nic. 
We had dinner at Michelle and Andi's house before the setting apart.
We went back to their house afterwards for dessert and final goodbyes.
Craig, Everett, Grandpa Phair
 Nic, Michelle, Molly, Christa, Grandma Phair, and Meaghan
 Just hanging out

 Last picture with Grandma and Grandpa Phair
 Seriously precious

We will miss them dearly but are thrilled for them. What a wonderful example they are setting for their family. We know they are needed in France. You can keep up to date on their mission by visiting their blog: 
We love you Bob/Grandpa and Rita/Grandma!

Monday, September 16, 2013

TuLeLaKe FaIr

On Friday, September 6 we headed to the Tulelake Fair.
My dad drove Everett and I to meet up with Dani and her kids and my mom (Nic met us later).
Before the fair, I ejoyed snapping some pictures of my big 10 month old.

He was squinting when I took this picture
 Look how grown up he looks?!
 He was crawling all over me and wouldn't sit still for very long
 Stroller buddies: Everett and Beckett

 Sisters. Sisters.
 Watching the pig races
 Becoming a little more adventurous with grass

 After the kids rode some rides, we ate dinner and headed to the rodeo.
 Doesn't he look so thrilled to be taking a selfie with mom? haha
 The lights of the fair.
Until next year...maybe Everett will ride some rides?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 Not only do I love the Summer for the warm weather and lazy days by the pool, but also for the Stewart annual trip to Sunriver. I love that my family has been vacationing there for years. It's my fav.

Before we headed to Sunriver, my brother Sam and his family came for a visit. They even stayed with us!

We spent a week in a very large house with 12 adults and 14 kids all under the age of 7 (it's amazing the house was large enough to accommodate that many people). 
We enjoyed our week eating (LOTS of yummy food), bike riding, playing and more eating.
We hiked to Benham Falls. It's a lovely, easy walk. 
 My boys :)

 Almost all of the littles (missing Beckett and added Grandpa)

 We made it! 
 Going on a hike is such hard work.
 Nic and I got an added bonus - Nic's brother and family made a pit stop in Sunriver for lunch, because they are moving to Saipan. 
Lisa, Joel and Pete's first time meeting Everett.
 Brothers gotta hug! 
 Joel is squishing Everett's chub chub face. After he did this, Everett had a huge smile on his face. 
 We went to the park and enjoyed a beautiful day there!
 Everett's first time with grass.

 The girls and boys each have their own tradition in Sunriver: the boys go golfing and the girls give gifts to each other and get pedicures. We girls each pick our favorite thing from the past year and give it to each other. This year we headed to a Mexican restaurant for appetizers and then off to pedicures, but first we threw a surprise baby shower for my SIL Sharon - due with her 4th boy in November. :)
 Time for our feet to be pampered
 Many a bike ride were to the lodge to sip and chat. Hangin' out at the lodge.
 I love these two. If you thought your parents were amazing, think again. These are the most selfless, loving people. I'm so grateful for them and the amazing things they provide for their family. 
 Summer, Dani, Ben, BIL Jefferson, SIL Sharon
 Sam: the brother whom I blame for why I'm the shortest person in my family. :) 
 Me and my niece Reece
 My main squeeze
 The Sunday we all left to our separate homes, Nic and I headed to Medford for his parent's mission farewell. They are headed to Paris, France! We are so thrilled for them. After church we headed to SIL Michelle's house for a bbq. 
 After we got home, we spent more time with family because Sam and his family were in town a few bonus days. Everett LOVES my parent's dog Chaska.

Gramzee snuggles are the best.