Thursday, September 25, 2014

SuNrIvEr 2014

Oh Sunriver. How I love thee.
This year was spent playing outside, bike rides (a lot of them), park, FHE, un-birthday party, eating yummy food, marshmallow wars and so much more.
At the end of August we drove up to Sunriver and met the rest of the Stewart clan.

 It's always so great reuniting with family, especially this weirdo. 

Every Monday night we do a grandlittle FHE. I was in charge this year and we talked about what's appropriate to do on a Sunday. Then we made ice cream sundaes!
 This was E's first time on a bike and he loved going on rides! He was always so good at putting his helmet on and leaving it there. He always had a buddy to ride with in our trailer.
 Reece was his first companion. 
 We played around at the Village.
 E was obsessed with the scooter. He actually got pretty good at riding it. I was impressed!
 Another bike ride with Beckett. These two are so funny to listen to.
 We had an un-birthday party for all of the grandlittles at the park. We celebrate everyone's birthday. 
 I think he enjoyed his cupcake...
Selfie with Gramzee and Tay.
 E got cars from one of his cousins.
 He LOVED going on this. Round and round and round and round and round...
 At the back of the house we stayed at (going on 2 years) has this great area for the kids to run around.
As per tradition, we girls did our favorite things.
My dad wanted to get in on the action and he each gave us these beautiful necklaces with a Hebrew symbol on it meaning "Pure of God."
 First we got pedicures.
 We ate lunch a great Mexican restaurant. Before favorite things, we threw Summer a little baby shower. There always seems to be someone pregnant at Sunriver. Who will it be next year?

Nikki: homemade dish soap and laundry detergent.
 Sharon: Melamine serving bowl, tray and utensils.
 Dani: car air freshener
 Summer: silver hoop earrings and head wrap
 Mom: necklace, oil, and hot spoon rack (made by my uncle)
Me: favorite GF food (cookies, Krusteaz pancakes, granola bars)
 A picture of my little man in his new jammies
Morning selfie with Gramzee and Beckett
 One day the boys went shooting and we went to the lodge and played.
 Snack time

 He's smiling and laughing with his cousin Evie
 Beautiful scenery and the leaves were changing colors.
 One day we took E to the Village to ride on the train

 He really did have a good time
 My dad bought marshmallow guns so we had fun shooting those...
 While these two had fun eating them off the ground

 The last night of Sunriver my parents put on an adult FHE marriage class. They are always great reminders for us.
 Selfies with Declan
 Photobomber in the back!
 What a successful year! Can't wait until next...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PhAiR pHaMiLiEs R pHoReVeR

At the beginning of August we drove to Utah for a Phair family reunion.
One of Nic's brothers wasn't able to make it with his family. :( We were also missing another one of Nic's brothers, but his family was there. :)
Everett was a trooper in the car. He ate, watched movies, ate, played with cars, and ate some more.

 We all stayed at Cherise's house (Nic's sister). It was the perfect location for this ginormous family.
Great big downstairs and a great big backyard. There were a lot of kids so there was a lot of room for them to play.
 Me and my niece Rory.
 Grandma and Grandpa Phair. They provided a great reunion for us all.
 We headed to an indoor water park. Everyone had a great time and Everett LOVED going down the water slide. 
 (That's me taking E down the slide)
 Every night was spent in the backyard playing games and laughing.

 E playing with Uncle Adam
 E loved playing with his many cousins.
He was body slamming cousin Kole.
 Me and Lilly. This was the first time we met her.
 3 lovely little ladies

 We all had lovely matching t-shirts for family pictures

 All of the grandkids...almost (missing 2)

 Did I mention E loves going down slides? He does!
 Original Phair brothers (missing 1)
 All of the lovely mammas
Kole was having fun taking pictures of E one morning

E may or may not have been thoroughly enjoying his Cheetos one lunchtime
 We went to a movie one evening and after the movie, we got ice cream at Macy's

 Lookin' good in daddy's glasses
 Me and Christopher
 Loving playing Uncle Adam
 We all drove to Provo Canyon for a memorial service for one of N's cousins

 Allison and Allison :)

 One of the days we were there, we made a quick trip to see one of N's best friends - Josh. They served together on their missions. 
 We had a great time visiting with their family
 We had a great trip and was sad to say goodbye to everyone.
A long trip ahead of us...

 Such a good daddy for playing with E at McDonald's
 Stopped for road construction
 Can you tell it was a bit windy?
 What a great trip! Until the next reunion...