Friday, December 20, 2013

The festivities have begun!
Here is what we have been up to...
Everett is a total cheesers (as you can tell from the pictures below), but he can also be totally shy.
It's pretty easy to get him to be a cheeser though.

 We had our ward Christmas party and after an hour we headed to the Esquire Jazz Orchestra concert.
My mom sings in the Esquire Quartet. 
I took multiple videos, but I won't post them without her permission. 
Let's just say she and the quartet and the orchestra did amazing!
 Dani and Jefferson
 Me, my dad and Dani
 Me and Mr. Handsome Face
 We were a little late in getting our Christmas decorations up, but we finally did it.
This year we bought a fake tree. It took us less than an hour to to put up and decorate. Bonus!
 Santa came early to our house and delivered this little guy.
Meet Chewy!
He's half mini Schnauzer - half terrier. Apparently this mixture of breeds is hypoallergenic? All I know is that he doesn't shed much which makes this girl happy. He is another child of mine, but for being a puppy he is pretty well behaved. We all adore him (including Everett). 

Monday, December 9, 2013


Just a few pictures from November

For Turkey Day we stayed in town and headed over to Craig (Nic's brother) and Molly Phair's house. Nic's sister and rents also came into town for the festivities. Lucky for us, grandma and grandpa Phair stayed at our house for a few days. :) 
Dinner was held at the Phair house (other Phair house). We enjoyed delicious food and ate until we were stuffed. Friday we went shooting. I do love this Phair tradition. There are no pictures to prove it, but I did shoot. I may or may not like shooting guns. I stink but I do like it. Everett stayed at home with grandma. 
Me and Molly 
 The Phair kids setting up targets
 Grandpa Phair sportin' some ear plugs
 She makes those ear plugs look good
 The Phair kids
 Don't mess with Craig
 Serious concentration
 Krew shooting a BB gun
 That's my man - he's hard core
 Kole rockin' it
 You can see the little puff of smoke - that's a clay pigeon exploding after Nic hit it
We also saw Frozen that night. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE. I loved it. Who doesn't like a good wholesome movie with constant singing?!