Friday, May 28, 2010


To get to our house, I always drive by a field. This field houses many cows: moms with their babies, the men cows, and fat cows. There is just something about driving by a lush, green field and seeing all of these cows. Near the back of this field is a tree - I love seeing every single cow huddled under this tree. I seriously just want to walk around this field with these cows. Who knew driving by a field that houses cows everyday would be so satisfying?

Monday, May 17, 2010

OfFiCiAlLy OfFiCiAl

Design and photography done by Sam and Nikki Stewart

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UtAh BlEsSiNgS

We headed to Utah over the weekend for blessings that is. We stayed with our good friends Josh and April again. Amazing family. Friday was spent shopping around and that night was a surprise from them to us...DESERT STAR! Anyone who's anyone in Utah NEEDS to go - an absolute must. They do spoofs on popular movies: twi-lite, My Big Fat Utah Wedding, Welcome Back Potter, and much more. We saw Pirates of the Car-rib-eee-an - so funny! The show of course was about Captain Jack Spratt, Will Doolittle, and Governess Swine battling Captain Barmitzvah. Here are Josh and April at the show:
Stopped for a bathroom break in an outhouse. Do you smell something funny?
Nic and me with Will Doolittle, Barnacle and Captain Barmitzvah (L to R)
Saturday was spent being tourists in SLC. We went to the Museum of Church History and Art. Companions taking a snooze...
We had to take some pictures of the beautiful temple
Nic's mad photo skills
The Allisons
Inside the Conference Center - Nic had never been
We went on the roof of the Conference Center and it was oober bright - we felt like pirates
Beautiful mountains
This picture was sandblasted on the wall on the rooftop - it is to represent that all nations, kindreds and tongues are all children of God. Nic got all 4 of us on the wall.
Courtesy of Nic
The tower of the Conference Center
Sunday of course was spent with blessing the babies (Jameson and Remi). Sam and Josh did an amazing job on the blessings. The babes were wonderful the whole time. My entire family got to be there, so it was fun to see EVERYONE. Here is baby Jay puckering up.
Sweet Remi
The morning we left (Monday), there was this beautiful sunrise - it was quite difficult to take a decent picture as we were driving 75 mph...
Out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road driving home from a great trip to UT...

nEw FoUnD lOvEs

My sister had SO MANY of these magazines lying around her house - I've never read this magazine and so she gave me a handful of them. #1 new found love: Marie Claire magazine.
Tonight I made these bad boys: chocolate cupcakes with frosting (lime colored in honor of Spring/Summer on the way). #2 new found love: randomly baking sweets for me and my love
Dance as though no one is watching, Love as though you have never loved before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on Earth. #3 new found love: decoration purchase in UT
The last time we were in UT, we bought a clock that says in the middle "Families are Forever" and is now hanging in our dining room. We went to UT this past weekend and look what we found: a bigger clock for our living room. #4 new found love: apparently UT is the place for Nic and me to buy clocks for our house.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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