Friday, January 30, 2009

Think about the way you think........

I am in a Cognitive Restructuring class this term and it's one of the most interesting classes I have been in. We are learning about the way criminals think, because their way of thinking is different than the way a pro social person would think. There have been some eye openers in this class - we have learned about different thinking errors and tactics that criminals use. As we are studying about the way criminals think, I have been examining the way I think as well and trust me, there are some errors. Personally, I think we all have thinking errors. If there weren't errors, I don't think there would be arguments in families, difficulties understanding one another, and so forth. As I have been in this class, it's been an eye opener. I have been trying to be more aware of the way I think - it's hard to think about the way you think. Have you ever tried it? It's hard. It's difficult being more aware of your thoughts and being more conscientious of the way you think. Here are some one-liners that have stuck out to me: *If the results of your behavior do not meet your needs over time, then there is an incorrect principle on your behavior window. *You can always restart your day. No matter what has happened during the morning, afternoon, or whenever, you can always restart your day. *There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. *Everyone has their own individual free agency to choose. You can choose to be mad or you can choose to be happy. You can choose to get mad over little things or you can choose to not let it affect you. *Change doesn't happen by itself. *The harder the truth to tell, the truer the friend is who tells it. *If a person's thinking is flawed, then the behavior will be equally flawed. Change your perspective on the way you think. *People contribute to their own problems by the way they interpret them. Reorganize the way you interpret problems - change your perspective. These are just some of the things that I have learned. I have been trying to be more aware of the way I think. Isn't that our ultimate goal? To be celestial thinkers - to think the way God does. What an amazing change that would be: celestial thinkers. PS The statue above is the famous sculpture: The Thinker. I have seen this sculpture in person at the Rodin Museum in Paris. Yay!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

working girl

I am now officially a working girl - I finally got a job! Yay! It's the perfect job: flexible schedule, on campus, and I get to work with great people. I interviewed for a job a week ago and got offered a job in the Public Relations Dept. on the OIT campus. I got to create my own schedule. It's the perfect job! I don't work very many hours during the week, but at least it's something. I'm sure Nic is glad that I finally got a job to help support our little family. Messing Nic! It's going great so far though - I have the time so why wouldn't I work?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's officially official

Now I can really say that I'm a Phair - I got my new social security card with my new name: Allison Marie Phair. Next stop: the dreaded DMV for a new drivers license

new married couple + new ward = new callings

Nic and I are loving our new ward - we aren't in my parents ward, but we ended up in 1st ward which is the ward I grew up in. It's kind of weird for me to be back with all of the leaders that watched me grow up, but it's great to be back. We both love our bishop - Bishop Anderson. He and his wife are great people. The ward is full of great people - I think we are really going to have a great experience there. As you can see in the title of this post that because Nic and I are a new married couple in a new ward, of course we both got new callings. They already had callings picked out for us even before we moved into the ward! Crazy.
Nic is the: Assistant Scoutmaster and I am: the primary chorister
We have both been doing work for our calling and are loving them. I think the Lord is preparing me to have children by working with them. I love being in Primary! Nic loves being with the young men. We love our ward and love our new callings - who knows what else the Lord has in store for the Phairs...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wedding Album...ENJOY!

I did send this to many of you through email but Alli asked that I put it on our blog for everyone to see. Just click on the picture below and you will be taken to the slide show of ALL of our wedding pictures. There is 282 of them, so get comfy. Love to all of you who were a part of this fantastic day and for all the help that was given...
Photobucket Album
Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos
I wanted to share something on Photobucket with you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final day of honeymoon

You are all probably wondering whatever happened with the car window. Luckily, props to Nic for finding Steve the random car repair guy. He was nice enough to drive out to the resort and take a lookey loo at the window...the window wasn't broken! That was good news, however, the track was broken - hence the pieces of plastic flying at me. Steve said he'd fix it and find a dealer who had the part. We couldn't really do much because we didn't have a car - late breakfast - 2 1/2 hours later we had lunch - 3 hours later we had dinner. I think all we did that day was eat and eat. haha That night we did go to the Desert Hot Springs Hotel and sat in some hot springs - 8 natural pools. Water comes up out of the ground at 144 degrees - ours was at 106. Water travel from San Bernardino - the hole is down 5 miles to get the water. All in all it was a wonderful Honeymoon - we loved every second of it! The next day we made a stop to a dealership and Steve fixed our window. Thank you Steve! We drove to Medford and had a wonderful open house. Thank you Bob and Rita for making it a wonderful event!


Wednesday December 31 was our over 12 hour trip to DLand. What a blast we had!!! This is where the majority of our pics will come from. I have never been to DLand when it has been so crowded. The earliest we could get on Indiana Jones was around 9PM! The waits were usually about an hour. We got lucky on some rides and they would be only 20-30 min waits. I'm so glad that I got to be with Nic with his first experience to Dland. New Year's Eve night ended up being a night that we won't forget. It wasn't a typical New Year's Eve but it made for an unforgettable first New Year's Eve as a married couple... We spent all day and partial night at DLand - running back and forth between parks to go on rides - eating every now and then. Around 9:45 there was the first firework show that we decided to watch. By about 10:30 - 11 we were pooped and ready to go home to our own party. Main Street was out of control crazy party! So many people and music! Craziness in a box! We walked back to our car in the Pumba Parking Lot just pooped. There was condensation on the windows so we rolled down the windows to get it off - when rolling back up the passenger window, a cracking occurred and the window would not roll up. A few pieces of plastic started spitting out at me. We had no idea what was going on or what had happened to the window. We drove to a Shell gas station to see if anything by chance would be open. We drove around for about 20 min or so to find a 24hr Auto Zone a guy had told us about...LIE! All lies. We had no choice but to drive 2 hours back to Indio - 75 mph - 47 degress outside - window rolled down. What a night...out of all the nights/days that this could have happened, New Year's Eve was the night. Unforgettable...
Arriving past the front gates of DLand
In front of Pirates of the Caribbean
The Haunted Mansion - I heard this was Nic's fav ride...I might be joking...hahaSpace Mountain
Taking a break - gettin' some food
The Parade down Main Street
Buzz Lightyear!
Can't forget Santa Claus
Sleeping Beauty's Castly lit up - stunning!
Heading over to CaliforNiA adventures - Nic and the "N"
Me and the "A"
Tower of Terror - #1 time
Picture of the first time we went on Tower of Terror - I just love going on rides with Nic - he cracks me up
California Screamin' - we screamed
The bridge right as you walk in to California Adventures

Indio, CA

Our next stop and final stop was Indio, CA (20 min S of Palm Springs). Beautiful WorldMark resort that we stayed - over 400 rooms - lazy river - hot tubs - market - pools - beautiful! The night we got there we just walked around the resort - ordered a pizza - hot tubbing. Funny side note: on our way to Indio, we stopped at the town called Upland to get gas and find a bathroom. No offense to Nic, but I blame him for this stop. Not only did it take us forever to find a gas station but of course this station didn't have a bathroom. We both had to go so bad that it took us forever to find this little store that smelled like incense - blah! Sketchy! We finally made it back on the road, but it did take us probably around 30 min for that side detour. Our arrival night was relaxing but fabulous. Next day was a lazy day - slept in - bought Disneyland tickets. Went to this ghetto little movie theater in "downtown" Indio called the Metro 8 theaters. We saw 7 Pounds and I recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Balled our eyes out - both of us. We walked around few stores that night and then ate dinner at In' N Out - delicious! Nic's first experience.
This pic has nothing to do with what we did during these 2 days, but there were these windmills everywhere! There were so many!!!

First stop Running Y and on to San Francisco

The time has come for the honeymoon pictures...I'm going to do it in a few different posts - splitting them up from the different places we went...It all started in San Francisco. We drove to San Fran-kiss-my-isco (just for you Nic) on Sunday December 28. We arrived in our lovely little studio, I mean tiny. Comfy and cozy right? We took a cab down to Pier 39 and ate at Bubba Gump's. I wanted Nic to experience and he ended up wishing he got the cocunut shrimp. Yummy! We walked around the pier eating a caramel oreo apple. We ended up walking into Lou's Blues Bar to listen to a blues band. We wish we were there longer so we could see the sights, but it was a nice stop on our adventure. Next stop...Indio, CA!
Privacy please: this is the room we stayed in at the Running Y
Driving to San Fran-kiss-my-isco
I love this picutre of my hubby - he looks so sneaky going into our room in SF
A lit christmas tree down at Pier 39
At Bubba Gump's: RUN FORREST RUN!!!Lou's Blue's Bar

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know that it's officially official that Nic and I are married. We will post later with pics from our honeymoon in San Francisco and Palm Springs. Who knows when this post will appear, but keep your eyes peeled for it. We are loving being married - I love having Nic around all of the time. No more commuting back and forth between KTown and Medford; no more saying goodbye; no more saying goodnight; no more not being without him - YIPPE HOORAY!!! Just thought I would all let you know that we are a happy happy happy married couple.