Sunday, January 20, 2013

LiFe WiTh EvErEtT

I can't believe our little man is 2 1/2 months old - where does the time go! Everett is such a good baby and we are extremely lucky and blessed. My siblings are jealous. ;) We tell them that we went through heck and back for 3 years to get him to our family. We deserve it, right? ;)

He really is our little miracle and we count everyday with him as a blessing. We continue contact with Kelbi and Dylan - once a month now. We send them e-mails and LOTS of pictures.

Everett had his 2 month check-up on January 7. He had to get 5 shots!
Length: 22.25 inches (the RN didn't stretch him out so he's probably taller)
Head: 16 inches (he kind of has a big head)
Weight: 10 lb 2.3 oz
He is on the smaller side, but perfect in my eyes. He doesn't go back into the doctor until March at his 4 month check-up (where more shots will come).

The Department of Human Services has already approved our adoption (yay!) in record time. It got approved near the beginning of January. We were really shocked at how fast it went. LDSFS has to have 2 post-placement visits and our second one was this past week. Our case manager comes and checks to see how everything is going. She asked about Everett's general health (eating, sleeping, health, etc). It's also to see where he sleeps and how we're adjusting. We do love our case manager and have loved working with her. Now that the final visit is done, LDSFS has to write up a report. Something else happens and...voila! It's done. I'm really not sure exactly what else needs to happen, but there are a few things that still need to be done (not on our part though). We are hoping everything will be done by the beginning of March so we can be sealed at the end of March. Cross your fingers and toes!

And that's life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ChRiStMaS eVe

Christmas came way too fast and was over way too fast. 
Rev's first Christmas was a successs.
Let's start with December 22: Nic's birthday.
We headed over to Dani's house for a waffle bar.

 Birthday boy! He's 31 - crazy.
 Christmas Eve day was spent hanging with family prepping for Christmas Eve dinner.
Josh and Chaska started laying next to each other and then they ended up like this.
 Aunt Nikki getting some quality time with Mr. Rev.
 Not a very good photo of Rev in his "First Christmas" outfit.
His pants had Santa on the bum. 
 Me and my little man
 Snuggles with grandma
 Cute little Evie in her stylin' skirt
 All of the grandlittles dressed up while Grandpa read the Nativity
 Daddy with the little man in his new jammies
 Those books aren't for Nic - they're for Rev.

 All of the grandlittles in their new Christmas jammies.
Cousin Grayson is holding Rev.
 The adults in their Christmas jammies

 A little Christmas Eve present opening
 I couldn't help but post this picture of my brother Sam.
Workin' it!

Monday, January 7, 2013

bLeSsInG dAy

Everett was blessed on Sunday, December 23 by his wonderful father.
Nic gave a beautiful blessing - I was crying even before the blessing began.
I was so overwhelmed by gratitude and love.
Nic and I were very fortunate because all of my family was in town for Christmas.
We have great timing. :)
We thought for sure that he would be swimming in his blessing outfit...
It fit him so well! Look how handsome he is. He might outgrow it by the time we are sealed. 
We had a luncheon at my parent's house afterwards.
 I couldn't believe how many men were standing in the circle. This isn't even everyone who stood in.
I'm so grateful to be surrounded by worthy priesthood holders.
Everett has many wonderful examples around him: uncles and grandpas. :)
I felt so humbled by how many people stood in.

 Because it was the Sunday before Christmas, Everett and cousin Beckett had to have matching outfits.
So stinking adorable!
 Three generations of Phair men. :)

What a wonderful day.
Unfortunately, Everett's birthparents weren't able to make it, but I know there were there in spirit.
Everett has blessed so many lives and will continue to do so.
I am so grateful for my husband who holds the priesthood.
There was so much love on this day.