Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PaRt 3

*Don't forget about Parts 1,2*
After Ocean World we went back down to the harbor for the car show. There were a lot more cars and Nic couldn't stay away. ;) After walking around for awhile we headed to Loeb Park (where we normally camp) for a BBQ picnic.
Everett is looking behind him because Nic was drumming on the bench. 
Loeb sits along the Chetco River, so after eating we headed for a walk down by the river. 
After our lovely BBQ we went back to the hotel for the evening. 
Monday morning brought packing up and heading home.
Before heading home we went to Crescent City for lunch and checked out the Marine Mammal Center.
It's a rescue place for seals and sea lions.

Little babies! 

Right outside of Crescent City we witnessed a TERRIBLE car accident. We immediately stopped to help. So many police cars, fire trucks, ambulances. We had to give our statements because we were witnesses. After that hiccup were back on the road. We stopped in Medford to say hi to family for a little bit. Made it safely home - such a nice little vaca!

PaRt 2

*Don't forget about Part 1*
Sunday morning we headed to Crescent City, CA for Ocean World Aquarium.
Ridin' the surf board!

You go on a guided tour through the aquarium, so we passed the time by hanging out in the gift shop. 
Tide pools

This is part of a whale's vertebrae. Part of one. 
Leopard Shark 
Don't know what kinds of fishes these are. The guy was telling us what kind, but I wasn't exactly paying attention. Everett was more fun to listen to and watch.  
Bat Ray 
Those are sturgeons behind the Bat Ray. They are baby sturgeons and they were huge! 
Shark petting tank. Everett's arm wasn't quite long enough to pet them, but Nic and I did. They were so smooth. 

Now time for the sea lion and seal show! 

These funny seals made the funniest noises! 
Cora the sea lion. 

She was given a command to go get her ball and she did it! 
She jumped up from the water. It was a pretty long ways away! 
Whee!!! Down the slide we go! 

Time for Everett to take a ride on the surf board 

And a random space ship. 

BrOoKiNgS pArT 1

Memorial Day weekend and you know what that means?
We head to Brookings for the Azalea Festival. This year was different because we didn't go camping - we had to leave a couple of days later than we normally do. So instead we stayed in a motel. We missed camping though...Next year!
We left on Friday morning. Everett was a champ on our drive there. He ate and ate and ate. Played with toys. Watched a movie. Ate more food. Our only hiccup was Chewy threw up on our drive. Thankfully he wasn't covered in it and was only on his blanket. Quick clean up in Grants Pass and we were on the road.
After checking into our motel, we headed to Azalea Park. 
Not the greatest picture of me, but it was cute of Everett.

We then headed to Harris Beach. Everett was so fun to watch playing in the sand. He wasn't such a fan of the cold ocean water on his feet, but then again who is? He LOVED the sand! He got it everywhere and we became one with it. 
Saturday morning brought the parade. 
My 3 boys. Chewy did really well on our trip, surprisingly. 

Everett loved all of the fun goodies he got during the parade.  
Every year they always do a play. This year it was Cinderella. One of these years, we will go. 

Nic's favorite part of the parade - old cars. 

After the parade we headed to the harbor to look at the cars and walk around the little street fair. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


Such a handsome boy.
 He's growing up so fast!
 Now on to Beckett. We had the pleasure of having Beckett over at our house for a few hours on Saturday.
It was so much fun watching these 2 boys play together!
Not once did they get in a "fight" over toys. Everett was a little mad at first because he wanted what Beckett had, but that happened ONCE. :)
They played with Legos for quite some time - laughing hysterically with each other.
If one started laughing, the other did too.
 Love this little man!

 They loved chasing each other up and down the hallway. LOVED. 
 They did so well taking turns playing in the car. If one was in the car, the other was sitting playing with him outside of the car. 
It warms the cockles of my heart knowing these boys get to grow up together (no moving away Dani). 
We loved having Beckett over - more play dates to come!