Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving for me was different this year, because it was the first one spend without my own family. Weird! I have never not been with my parents on Turkey Day. I had a great Turkey Day to say the least though - it was spent with my future in-laws. The morning of the big day, the guys normally play football but they decided to go shooting instead. I informed Nic that I have never shot a gun (minus shooting a bb gun in my backyard) - he insisted that I go with them. I didn't want to feel awkward being the only girl, so thankfully Nic's brother's wife came with. It was so much fun! I loved shooting! I even hit some bottles. I shot some sort of rifle and then a shot gun - that's how well-versed I am in the gun industry when I don't even know what guns I shot. haha None the less, I could see how shooting could become addictive. My goal is to shoot a hand fun sometime in the future...we'll see...here are some pics of me shooting (I'll post a video on a new post that proves that I actually did hit something)...
My teacher: I don't think he was complaining to have his arms around me to teach me to shoot
I think he was making sure I was actually aiming at something
Way to go Lisa for the cool photography
Trying to show off for his lady - it worked!
The Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous - they have a lot more variety in their food then what I'm used to. The Stewart Thanksgiving is traditional, so it was fun to be around what they have for traditions. I didn't really take any pictures so sorry - just a few of Nic and I being our weirdy selves...All in all it was a great Turkey Day!