Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'nUfF sAiD

The time has come for us to announce..............
We are adopting a sweet baby boy due November 15!!!
Harrison finally gets to be a big brother.
A beautiful birthmom has chosen us as her adoptive couple. 
Prayers have been answered. I will forever be eternally grateful to our birthmomma. 

gIrL's TrIp

I headed to Sunriver for a much needed Girl's Trip. 
6 ladies (and 1 baby and my dad) + crafting + girl time = A.mazing.
Becket's first bike ride
 Say wha'!? I'm pretty sure that chain is not supposed to be there.
 Stopped at the lodge for a drink

 Out to dinner
 My dad was def outnumbered
 Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters.
 Beautiful rents that I have. Adore them.
 Girl time at the movies. Please see Pitch Perfect. Hi.Llarious.
 Nikki sewing away
 Craft time!
 And some baby snuggle time
 Ice cream stop at Goody's

 Out to dinner at a delicious restaurant: Greg's Grill.
 Such a beautiful group of ladies
I can't believe this was our first year of the girl's trip.
New annual tradition? Yes I think so. :)
Thank you mom and dad for spoiling us!

Monday, October 8, 2012

wHiLe YoU wErE aWaY

Nic went on a work trip to Colorado a few weeks ago.
A few things I did "while you were away":
Went to Carter's soccer game (#3)
Hung out with Bo bo on the sidelines of said soccer game.
 Watched beautiful sunsets at my rents house

Snuggles with baby Beckett
 Craft night with my sister (we made necklaces)
I was grateful when N got back from his trip. 
He even brought me home these fuzzy socks (because my feet are always cold).
What a sweet man!

PhOtO sHoOt

Christmas came early this year in our least it did for Harrison.
We did a little photo shoot for an article in Nic's work newsletter.
He is such a handsome festive boy.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A few weekends ago we left on a Friday night and headed to Collier Park.
We used the Elite for the first time and loved it!
It was a quick trip but it was exactly what we needed.

 A delicious pancake and egg breakfast was in the making on Saturday morning.
Delicious breakfast quickly turned into dry as we forgot to pack syrup and butter.
We had a good laugh.
 This was Harrison's first time camping with us and he did a pretty good job.