Sunday, February 28, 2010

BuRlAp WrEaTh

My latest project...a burlap wreath. I wanted to show you all the fabric I'm using...
I have started cutting out circles - many more to go. Thankfully I didn't have to use a cup, because I have a circle stencil. A few of my circles - I have cut out more fabric circles and burlap circles. I am going to finish my wreath once I'm done with school...18 days! It's going to on our red door in our new house! PS Don't forget to keep reading about the audition for America's Got Talent and my new bag (courtesy of my love)

A.g.T. aUdItIoN

This has nothing to do with the audition, but I just wanted to post it anyways...
Many have been asking how the America's Got Talent audition went...good. It was an experience - a once-in-a-lifetime. We headed to Talent, OR yesterday afternoon - our auditions was supposed to be at 2:15, but we probably didn't audition until about 3. The audition was at Talent Middle School and we were put in "holding room" - aka the cafeteria. There were all sorts of people: guitar players, saxaphone players, music groups, singers, and even a bicyclist. We were the only dancers our tutus. I will say that I was surprised at how under-dressed people were - this is your only opportunity to make a first impression on these judges! Dress up! Sorry about that. Anyways...after we got checked in (lots of paperwork to fill out), we sat and waited. Stretched - worked on a few things. There was a guy who would call a few people's name of off the list and you would wait your turn to go in the gym. Before we headed into the gym, Hayley asked if I would say a prayer - she's asked me a couple of times before (nerves went down a bit after that).
We walked into the quietest gym I have ever been in - 2 British judges sitting at a table with their laptops open and one lady standing at a camera. The British lady asked us a few questions - Hayley responded - we did our routine - she asked Hayley a few more questions - out of the gym we walked. It was so dang quiet in that gym! We are used to dancing in front of large, loud crowds. The lady said they would contact us by April if we made it through - if not, then no contact. If we don't make it, then oh and well. It was a great experience though. Here a few pictures of the ride back to Klamath...
Me and Tiff all "dolled" up
I love this girl
What up
We got home at about 5:30 - sat and chatted with Nic - headed to a baptism. After the baptism, Nic and I headed to Freddies to get me some blush. Nic found something that he said he wanted to get me later on for a present. Well he decided to get it for me right then and there...
It's a travel bag with make-up bags inside it. I LOVE it! Can't wait to use it. He is so good to me - love you Nic! And he said he would never get me a bag...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LaSt...BuT nOt LeAsT

Last night was the dance team's last performance of the season. We danced our new doll routine at the OIT Men's play-off basketball game...we won by 1! It's a really short routine: 1 min 30 sec. I think the crowd was surprised once we were done - I think they liked it though. I'm kind of sad that dance is ending for me, but at the same time looking forward to having my nights open to do homework...or just to hang around. It's a bitter/sweet moment. Now it's on to preparing for this weekend: Talent, OR for an invitation only try-out to be on America's Got Talent...

Friday, February 19, 2010

AmErIcA's GoT tAlEnT

Hayley told the dance team on the night of the Pink Out! that the producer from America's Got Talent called and wanted to see us dance. Exciting, right? Right. The producer asked us to put a couple of our dances on You Tube:
Lady Gaga Bad Romance
Pink Out!
He called Hayley yesterday and said we were "awesome." Woo hoo! We are headed to Talent, OR on Feb. 27 for an invitation only try-out to be on national TV! Take luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It'S oFfIcIaL...

We have a house! (To rent that is) We just found out today that we are approved for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house to rent. I still can't believe it!
For those of you from KFalls, it's off Hwy 140 in a newer development called Southview. It's one story with a deck in the back and fireplace. There are no houses on either side of us or in the back - only across the street. Walk-in closet in the master bedroom. :) We will become great friends. haha I still can't believe it! Everything is falling into place. We get the keys March 5 - put in our 30 day notice today - will begin moving in the weekend of March 5. Woo hoo! Welcome home.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LoVe DaY

After the Pink Out! I came home to 2 presents, a peanut butter/chocolate heart and my fav flowers: Lilies. :) What a sweet husband I have. He wanted me to open up 1 of the presents = a pair of brown patent heels with a gold buckle. So dang cute! He wants to make it a tradition to get me heels for VDay - he got me heels last year for VDay. I'm perfectly ok with this new tradition. :)
VDay was great: stake conference, movies, food and presents. Nic loved the gift I got him and I loved the gifts I got from him. It was such a relaxing day. I loved spending with my love. I love you Nic Phair.

900th WiN

What an eventful day Saturday was - it started at 4 p.m. and didn't end until 10:30 p.m. The day started off with getting ready to go back into the 80s...
I crimped my hair - so 80s
Me and Tiffany - we looked identical that night
We danced at the girl's and guy's game - this is before the guy's game. We were all in our pink get up.
A few of the girls - last minute getting ready. Bottom L to R: Kaylene, Mackenzie, Jessica, Nicole, Marie and Tiffany.
This girl absolutely LOVES the dance team - she asked for all of our autographs.
After we performed, Hootie Jr came back and thanked us for dancing. Perfect time for a photo!
The games were great - girls and guys both won! Girls won in OT and the guys won by 20 points or more. After the game, there was a video presentation on Danny Miles (coach) and he got this crystal basketball thing - it was really cool looking. Only 5 or so coaches have gotten 900 wins - 35th consecutive home game win. It was a lot of fun to say the least.
Nic went to stake conference - I hadn't seen him all day. :)
It was senior night for the basketball teams...and apparently the dance team. Before we went out and performed, Haylee wanted to recognize the senior on the dance team: ME! :) She gave me pink roses.
These newspapers were handed out to everyone in the crowd - it was all about Danny.

Friday, February 12, 2010

AlL aBoUt GiRlS

For those of you with little girls or just want a little girl, this giveaway is perfect for you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

PiNk OuT!

The Pink Out! is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 13. I am so dang excited about it! - a little bummed because Nic or my parents won't be there. :( Luckily, the dance team is also performing tomorrow night at KU's basketball halftime - dress rehearsal! The dance is really coming together and my 80's outfit is complete: pink, pink and more pink! Here is a Q/A card that is going in the pink t-shirts being handed out at the game...
Q: What is the Pink Out!?
A: An opportunity for OIT and for you to show your support of cancer awareness.
Q: Why wear pink tonight for cancer awareness?
A: OIT honors the late President Martha Anne Dow who died of breast cancer.
Q: Why does OIT care about awareness?
A: President Martha Anne Dow's own vision of a Center for Health Professions at OIT has created a place where students are educated to become the health professionals of tomorrow. Many of these graduates work to detect cancer and other diseases, to treat patients and to care for them.
Q: Why is Pink Out! tonight?
A: President Dow was known to be a passionate Hustlin' Owls fan.
This game is going to be huge! 1 Pink Out! 2 we're playing SOU 3 this game could be Danny Mile's 900th win 4 this game could also be the 35th consecutive home game win 5 last performance of the dance team. HUGE! Seriously so excited! I will def take lost of pictures of my 80's get-up. Time to get my 80's PINK on!
On another pink note...Chris Maples (OIT pres) sends a monthly e-mail/newsletter. My friend and I were featured in this months Maples Report - famous! Ok, not really. We were sporting the pink t-shirts. Here is the pic: