Monday, August 25, 2008


Nic traveled my way on Thursday night for the weekend. He didn't go to work on Friday, but I wasn't complaining. :) We had such a great weekend. Friday was spent running errands and later that night was our "date night." I made him swiss cheese chicken for dinner with a couple of sides. Yummy! I even made homemade brownies for dessert. We then went in to the hot tub and what's where all of the slew of pictures came from. We had some fun taking pictures...Saturday was spent running around town, movie, and then to BoTown (aka Bonanza) for a going away party for Chelsea. She and I have been friends since back in the day and she's reporting to the MTC on September 3. Sunday was sacrament meeting in BoTown for Chelsea's farewell talk and then the singles branch for meetings. I love sundays - I love that they are spent relaxing and watching movies. :) Unfortunately for me, Nic left this morning. I had such a great weekend, like I always do. Thank you Nic for coming down. Friday can't come soon enough...I love you!
Me and my amazing soon to be husband - yay
Let the photo shoot begin with a lovely picture of the 2 of us We are 2 weirdy snack shacks Um...yikes Ooo Grrrrr One work = sketch Fish lips - Nic tried to teach me to have better fish lips but I just looked weird Yeah I don't know about this one...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Old Historical Bridge

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