Wednesday, May 27, 2009

D29 in 2009

We are back from Harris Beach and back to reality. We had such a great time getting away and having our own little vaca by ourselves. To give a recap of what we did during the Memorial Day Weekend/Azalea Festival weekend... We drove to Medford on Thursday night and stayed with Nic's parents. It was great to see them. We headed to Harris Beach (in Brookings) Friday afternoon and arrived at D29... We set up camp, made some yummy dinner and headed to the beach... Nic did some kite flying and we walked along the water. I don't know why anyone would ever go in the water - it's freezing! There were people that got in the water though. Crazies! What would the coast be without some squirrel feeding by the infamous Squirrel Whisperer (aka Nic)? Nic even convinced me to feed the squirrels. He's teaching me the ways of becoming the next Squirrel Whisperer... It was a relaxing evening...Saturday we thought there was a car show. We asked quite a few people...we ended up driving around Brookings trying to find it and ended up in Azalea Park. Brookings is known for all of the beautiful Azaleas. They really are pretty. Come to find out, we had printed off the schedule from the year before, so the car show was on Sunday. In Azalea Park, I got distracted by a rope swing and wanted to try it out... Needless to say, I wasn't very good at it. Nic showed me up on the rope swing. Here's a picture for you mom of the Azaleas and for everyone else. We saw them in a variety of different colors. They are pretty big flowers. Pretty. After the park we headed to the street fair that was going on all weekend. We walked around the little shops that were set up and I got some yummy Kettle Corn. Nic was being a dork in the car. Can you say G-Unit? If this isn't hot, I don't know what is. haha Love him. We headed back to the beach for some more squirrel and seagull feeding. We met a guy (Doug) from New Orleans. We sat and talked with him for a good 30 min or so. He traveled to Medford for business (converting WaMu to Chase). He is such a nice guy. He asked about places to see, things to do and the sorts. He lost everything in Katrina, but rebuilt his house in the same spot. He couldn't believe that the squirrels were so comfortable climbing on people. In Oregon we feed seagulls and squirrels, and in New Orleans he feeds the alligator that lives in his backyard. Such different worlds. He gave us his number and told us to call him up if ever we headed that way. I thought of you mom when he was talking about the Jazz Festival (you should go!). He had such an awesome accent though. Loved it. Later that night, we decided to go see Night at the Museum - funny funny funny. We laughed throughout. We were planning on going to church in Brookings on Sunday morning, but unfortunately Nic forgot his clothes in Medford at his parent's house. Plan B: we got up early and headed to a trail to go beach hopping. If you get up early enough, the tide is still low so you can go to a few different beaches. We traveled 15 min or so and did just that...This was a sign right before you start heading down the trail - we were careful of the "sneaker" waves. haha We walked around - saw lots of pretty starfish and sea anemones. The coolest thing we saw was this... Yes, that is Nic's hand next to it. We don't really know what it is, but it had 21 legs! It was huge! This was my find on the beach. Some kind of...who knows?! It was red and squishy. I loved touching it. haha We decided to sit down on some rocks to eat a little snack before hiking back up to the car... We then went on a little hike to see the natural bridge... We drove back to campe to take a shower. I got back to our campsite - car was gone and my phone was sitting on the stairs. Random. Maybe Nic needed to go to the store? No. He left me a voicemail saying he had to run back to where we were because he left his WEDDING RING on the rock where we were sitting! Ahh! He got back and thankfully the water was only at the bottom of the rock. If he got there 10 min later, his ring would be in the ocean. Phew! Note to self: don't take of your ring! We made dinner and then decided to make popcorn to go watch the sunset. There's this rock you can climb down by the beach, and it's the perfect place to watch the sunset... We made our final fire back at camp and played a little poker - it was a win/win situation. Friday brought packing up camp, sadly. We headed to... Mattie's Pancake House - delicious breakfast! Nic's parents drove to meet us for breakfast and had to do some other things. I had the best french toast EVER there. I was stuffed to the rafters! We then rode around with them for a little bit in their Sebring...Before heading home, we stopped for some lunch so I could get me some yummy Clam Chowder. Nic doesn't like it, so he had a burger instead. (Nic and I in the back of their Sebring - it was a bit windy.) Overall, we had a great time. We always love going to the coast. We talked about going to Crescent City in a few months...we shall see...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just the 2 of us

Nic and I are headed to Harris Beach... We decided to head there because it's a really nice campsite and the beach is right there. Weather hopefully will cooperate with us. I'm so excited (to say the least)! We haven't had a trip with just the 2 of us since we got married. Woo hoo! Pictures are on the way...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Burnt to a crisp

This weekend was a quiet one. Nic was gone from Friday night to Saturday night. He didn't get home until 9:30 on Saturday night. He left me all weekend...I guess I can't get mad at him for fulfilling his calling. There was a Camporee at Moore Park for Boy Scouts. Since he's the Assistant to the Scoutmaster, he needed to go. He was even in town and I still couldn't go visit him. Sad day. He had a good time with his little scouts...In the meantime, I had to figure out what I was going to do with myself all weekend... My dad invited me to a BBQ at my parent's neighbor's house. I really enjoyed myself. Since my mom was in AZ for her mom's b-day, my dad invited me to go with him. We had a great time. It was fun to meet their neighbors. I rarely see them and they are all so nice. I came home and watched part of the wonderful movie Bye Bye Birdie. I love that movie! I knew Nic wouldn't want to watch it, so I took advantage of the fact he wasn't there. Saturday I headed out to breakfast with my dad and then up to their house to do some of this... That's right - laid out in the sun - got burnt to a crisp and loved every second of it. I only laid out for about 2 hours and got so burnt. This is why us pasty people need to wear sun screen. I love laying out at my parents pool! :) I needed my sun bathing partner (aka my mom) though. There will be more of that in the near future...Later that night my friend Jocelyn came over for a girl's night. Yummy ice cream with cookie dough and girl talk. Who wouldn't love that?! PS Chocolate cinnamon ice cream is way yummy. Try it! Sunday was not such a great day, because I woke up sick sick sick. I had been fighting it for a couple of days, and then it hit me on Sunday morning. Unfortunately I stayed home to get some rest. Who wants a Summer cold? No thank you! Hopefully it will go away, because Nic and I are headed to the coast on Thursday night! Woo hoo! I need to get better by then.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I finally cut my "bush" off today. It was way long, so I wanted it short, short. I told Tammy (my hairstylist) what I wanted...she showed me a pic of this cut and I absolutely loved it! I have no attachments to my hair - it grows back! This was the end result....... I love it! It's not quite styled how I would style it, but i will still do the whole faux-hawk thing. Love it! There's no blonde anymore though...What do you think?

Monday, May 11, 2009

My surprise shower

I woke up as usual around 8:15 on a beautiful Mother's Day morning to go take my shower...this is my "normal" shower, right?
WRONG!!! I opened my shower door and this is what was waiting for me.......
My shower wasn't just a normal shower on Mother's day - it was my surprise shower. Nic had gotten me this beautiful bouquet of flowers and this sweet card. He is so thoughtful. The card was about what a wife is - Nic was thanking me for being his wife and companion. Although I'm not yet a mother, he was still wishing me a happy Mother's Day saying I was going to be a great mother one day. Now I'm known as M.I.T. (Mother In Training) and not S.P.I.T. (SPouse In Training). I think I'm still in training to be a spouse though. What an amazing, thoughtful, loving husband I have. I love you Nic! I love opening my surprise shower!
After that fun little surprise, we headed off to church and "my primary kids" sang "Mother, I Love You" in sacrament meeting. They did such a wonderful job. I was so proud of them. After sacrament meeting, the Young Women and Young Men were passing out little bags of tiny muffins to all the mothers, and they even gave me one. I guess when you're married and you don't have kids, you still count as a "mother" (a MIT that is). During Primary, the Young Women and Young Men came and took over in primary, so I was able to go to Relief Society. It was such a nice service. Don't get me wrong - I love my calling, but I do miss going to Relief Society. We then headed up my parent's house for some yummy steak dinner and to see some of my sibs. It was great to spend some time with them. I absolutely love my mother (you know who you are). She's an amazing woman, but many of you know that already. I could brag about her, but I'm not going to. We'll just leave it at that I love her and she has always been an example to me of the kind of wife and mother I strive to be. Then off to dinner #2. Nic's parents came in to town. It was Rita's birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day of course yesterday. We had a yummy bbq and delicious dessert with a few of his sibs. It was great to see my in-laws. I love Nic's parents. I'm so glad that I married into an amazing family. To end the night we headed back up to my parent's house to watch "Shine." What an amazing movie of a beyond gifted piano player (true story too). I highly recommend it! All in all it was a great Mother's Day. I love my mother and my mother-in-law. Hope all you mothers had a great one as well.