Sunday, June 24, 2012

I sHoUlD bLoG mOrE

Basically all we do is work, work, and church. That's our lives in a nutshell.
Here's a few pictures that depict what we've been up to:
I have been crafting up a storm starting with hair clips and I finally finished my felt wreath!
I love the way it turned out. 

 I helped out with the dance recital and my little kiddies did such a great job! I love teaching and I'm hoping I'll be asked to come back next year.
My penguins.
 Bear Necessities. 
I helped out with the Regional Youth Conference.
My mom pulled it off and did such a great job (along with many others who helped).
This is the mom of one of oldest best friends. 
 My mom and I discovered a cup for cup flour - meaning I can substitute a cup of regular wheaty flour for a cup of my GF flour. Mind you - my mom bought me 2 boxes of this Better Batter flour. It's $25 for a 5 lb box. Do you know how hard it is for me to use this flour?! Well my mom finally used it and made this beauty. Angel food cake. It was DELICIOUS! And it tasted normal! 
We continue pluggin' along with adoption. Our profile is still live and we still continue to wait. I was given the advice to keep myself busy, which I am. Crafting. Running (I'm training for a 5k). Family time (love that my sister now lives in town). Keep our little family in your prayers and we will have our little miracle...soon.