Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shout out!

I just wanted to give a little shout out to Nic...Thank you for all of the love and support you always show to me. It may go unrecognized (which is my fault), but I do appreciate it - especially as the term is winding down. I love you and can't wait to see you in a few hours!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturday @ 12

Can I just say that I am so excited for this Saturday at 12? You want to know why?..........I get my wedding dress fitted!!! This means that I get to put my wedding dress on and I just absolutely love my dress. You could say that I'm a dress snob - I'll admit it. It's simple and elegant. This Saturday, the seamstress will fit my dress, add the applique, and add the bustle. It's going to be stunning, and I'm not just saying that because it's my own - but c'mon, it's beautiful. I know you all don't know what it looks like, but come December 27 most of you will get to see it. :) By the way, the above dress is obviously not mine - I just wanted to share with you a truly hideous wedding dress.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The happy (almost married) couple have been doing plans are well under way with the announcements going well. They are a piece of work but well worth it. Nic and I are both loving how things are coming together - it's going to be a beautiful wedding. Nic is recovering from knee surgery that he had just this past Thursday - I went over and tried taking care of him for the weekend. Unfortunately, I had to leave him and left him in his mother's care. Thank you Rita for taking care of Nic! I am still pluggin' along in school and it's keeping me busy - thank goodness I don't have school tomorrow! Yay! Sorry for no exciting news, but no news is good news right? Right......Nic and I are loving life but will love it even more once we are married.....Next month!!! I seriously can't believe that we get married next month. It seems like just yesterday that we met.....oh wait! That's because it was - fast moving but right every step of the way. We get grief sometimes for how fast things moved, but we weren't going to interfere with the Lord's timing. For now, that's the update...sorry again for no exciting news.........

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dedicated to: My Love...

This post is for the love of my life: Nic. If you don't want to read about me being a sap and in love, then I would suggest to stop reading now. This is a time when I want to set aside and thank Nic for everything he does for me, so that's who I'll be referring to....... I hope you know how much you mean to me Nic. You mean the world to me and I can not wait until the day when we are sealed for time and all eternity. That will be one of the most joyous days in my life. I also can't wait to spend my life with you - when you become my life - when you come home to me and I come home to you. I can't express to you the gratitude that is in my heart - you have my heart and my all. The time that we have apart, although short, feels like an eternity. How I long to be with you during your times of trial...My heart aches to be with you, to comfort you, to give you all the love that I have to give. The day will come when I give you my all, but for now all I can do is love you to the best of my ability. So for now, let me just say that I love you. I can not explain the love that is in my heart. I love you more than life itself. Know that the love that I have for you runs deep in my soul and will never cease. I pray and hope that at this time, you feel of the love that I have for you. May you always remember that...I love you.