Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Momentous Occasion

Here's to the birthday girl...My mom's 50th birthday was last Wednesday and I am now just posting about it. Sorry! My mom and dad invited me and Nic up to their house on Wednesday night for the festivities. My mom made her own birthday dinner and boy was it delicious: steak, ginormous shrimp, yummy salad, and bread with roasted garlic. It was so good! We offered to help or go out, but she wanted to be in control. Stewart women. haha Mom's first gift was waiting on the table and was told that she had to open it before dinner. The end result are the following 2 pictures below...Next we opened presents and mom loved every one of them. My dad is so sweet - putting an individualized card on each gift. We stopped in the middle for a short little break for some birthday Brazil Lime Cake = the best cake in the world! Actually, it ranks up there with my mom's homemade angel food cake. Dang, she's a good cook! The last presents were a book made by all of the kids, a mother's ring (all 5 birthstones in a white gold band), and a trip to NYC for the US Open. Can you imagine?! I offered to be there personalized photographer when they go to NYC, but I don't think they're buying it. I guess I will stay home and watch their house with Nic. Kidding! Sounds great to me! All in all it was a great night! We had so much fun laughing and I think 50 suits my mother great! Thank you mom for letting us be a part of this momentous occasion and thank you to the both of you for letting me and Nic celebrate with you!
I think she should be a model for the new magazine: 50 and Still Looking Good!
Her styling birthday tiara - isn't my dad so nice? haha
Showing off some movies that came out the year she was born: 1959
Birthday girl and daughter - I hope I will look as good as she does when I'm her age.
30 years of marriage - 50th birthday and they are still as happy as ever!


Savannah said...

Your mom is so cute! I'm glad you guys came over and hung out on Saturday! It was a nice break from all the work and it was really fun to chat with you! I wish you guys lived closer!!

Shauna said...

love your mom! glad you guys had a good time celebrating her bday.

suzanne said...

Happy birthday to me! I had such a great time - tiara and all! So glad that you and Nic were here to celebrate! I loved having you here! It meant the world!