Friday, June 19, 2009

craftiness in a blog

One of my sisters, Summer, has a blog about all of the crafts she does. Right now, she's doing an amazing giveaway (perfect for those of you with little girls): leggings, cards, and clips. Although I don't have a little girl...yet, I still entered to win. Perfect for hopefully a future baby girl I'll have. She is so crafty (both of my sisters are) and I wonder why I didn't get the crafty gene. Go check it out here! She is always blogging about the cutest projects she's doing - I'm actually working on one she did (FHE jar). Keep checking out all of her craftiness in a blog!

1 comment:

Summer said...

Thanks Al! Even if you don't win, I'll make my future nieces lots of cute stuff! :) And you got plenty of the crafty gene - you just don't think you did!