Sunday, March 21, 2010

To CrAiG & mOlLy...

Nic and I watched Craig and Molly's 4 kids while they were gone for a few days. Here's what we were up to while you were gone...
We had a terrible time while you were gone...not. I don't know why Christa is scowling - apparently she didn't want Krew to take her picture.
We took self portraits - this is Krew.
We did homework - Chase being a good boy and doing his homework.
We shoved your kids in closets when we didn't want them around. Not! This was Kole's hiding place for hide and go seek - Uncle Nic had a hard time finding him.
We ate dessert, made a mess and loved every minute of it.
We jumped on the trampoline. Kole and Chase were always wanting me to go jump with them.
We did side flips. Kole loves doing them.
We also did front flips. Chase looks like he's going to land on his head.
We snuggled up and watched movies - Krew and Kole watching Jack Frost.
We watched Dora the Explorer...A LOT! Christa LOVES that show - Chase was watching it with her.
We took pictures of Aunt Alli experimenting with curling her hair. Ok, I like taking self portraits. haha
We took baths because we enjoyed our desserts so much. What a cute girl!
We even spent some time with the cat, Gracie. She was a snuggler.
All in all, I survived. Survived? The 4 of them are really easy to take care of. We had a great time watching them. By 8:45 p.m., I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I now understand when moms say that being a mom is a different kind of work. It's fun and exhausting. PS Sorry Nic for no pictures of you. Hope you had a great time in AZ Craig and Molly, because we had a great time while you were gone. Don't forget to look below...


Molly said...

I loved it! So glad that you guys enjoyed being with the kids! Love the pictures. You will never know how grateful we are to you! Thanks a million and thanks for taking such great care of our kids!

Molly said...

Oh and, where's the diaper?

Phairforce said...

You guys are so sweet and fun! Move to Utah! :-)