Friday, April 9, 2010

UtAh EaStEr

Nic and I headed to Utah over Easter weekend: Friday to Monday. It was a short trip, but well worth it. We headed there because of these 2 beautiful babes:
Jameson Paul Stewart (L) and Remi Kate Andrus (R)
We stayed with one of Nic's mission companion, Josh and his wife April. Nic hadn't seen them for like 3 years and I have never met them. It was so great to finally meet them - great family. This is their little girl, Allison Joy (great name :)
Saturday we headed to an aquarium with Dani and her kids, my mom and Reece. At the aquarium there was a tribute to me (aka Albatross)...ok no tribute. I don't really know that the "Albatross" had to do with this fish tank - it is one of my nicknames though:
There was also this crazy creature that like to walk on water upside down:
HUGE lobster:
Nasty Anaconda. Ew.
The kids eating lunch.
Easter Sunday was spend relaxing and eating. Sorry for the lack of pictures. It was a great weekend to be with family and to meet Josh, April and Allison. Thank you again for letting us stay with you!


Summer said...

Thanks for coming down to spend the weekend with us! I know that was a lot of driving! So excited we get to see you again soon!

Em & Gar said...

Tell nic he's in trouble for not telling me he was in Utah! :)