Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OuT oF iT

Wow. It has been awhile since I posted. Ever since I started my job, I'm not up to date in the blogging world or in the FB world. Both Nic and I's jobs keep us busy during the day - still absolutely loving it. By the time we both get home, we relax and watch a movie. It's wonderful. However, I did receive my very first paycheck. Woot!
If you'll notice, I'm wearing my cute little name badge. Allison. Discharge Planner. Nuff said.


Dani said...

You have been out of it!! We want you back! :) Yay for paychecks! What a happy day. Give me a call back some time when you get a second to breath. Love ya!

suzanne said...

Love it!

mom-jayne said...

You look SOOO official!! Way to go...looks like you've landed a great job for yourself!!!