Sunday, December 12, 2010

TrEe, PaRaDe, & BiG bAnD

Here is what the Phair family has been up to...
We bought a christmas tree...from Fred Meyers. Normally we would travel to the mountains, but this year we went a different route. We even traveled to some tree lots, but Freddies had the best trees.
Here it is fully decorated - there are more presents under the tree now. :)
We headed to the Snowflake Parade. We got some soup to stay warm in the rain. Dang. He's hot!
Yummy broccoli and cheese soup.
I think the theme was something about taking flight - hence the plane. haha
A very colorful, beautifully lit blimp.
Even Lady Liberty made an appearance in little KTown
I love the Bald Eagle
The pelican always has to make an appearance in EVERY parade
December 11 brought the Esquire Jazz Orchestra concert. Such a great yearly show. My mom did such an AMAZING job. Me and the hottie hubs. I'm so lucky. :)
Love my dad
This lovely couple (aka Jason and April) sat next to us.
We have been busy busy busy - welcome to the holidays!


Dani said...

I love all the festivities! Go snowflake parade- biggest night parade this side of Mississippi! (Well, that was when I was in high school at least.... and I guess that's been a while now. Eeek.) So wish I could have been to Mom's concert. She is amazing. And Nic looks great... has he lost weight?

nic + allison said...

Yes he has - 20 pounds. Got to keep up with his good looks.

Summer said...

I was thinking the same thing - you can really tell in his face. Go Nic! Sounds like you guys have been having fun!

Dyan said...

that's definately an interesting interpretation of Lady Liberty! :) i love small town parades and fun!