Wednesday, February 23, 2011

101 in 1001

I am going to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days (around 2.75 years) - some fun, some serious, some random. So why 101 in 1001? This allows me to accomplish tasks in a realistic time frame and I can do them over a few seasons. Where did I get this idea from? My old roommate's friend. I came upon it by accident and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. There is a website revolved around this idea with people all over the world doing this. I really wanted to do this, so I came up with my own list. That's right. My 1001 days I wanted to share my list with you, because I will be blogging about each of my tasks and taking pictures of course. Let it begin!
  1. Learn how to say "I love you" in 5 different languages
  2. Identify 100 things that make me happy
  3. Complete a coloring book
  4. Learn how to sew
  5. Crochet a baby blanket and burp cloth (around the edges)
  6. Lose 20 pounds
  7. Get mole(s) removed
  8. Sew something when I've learned how
  9. Make 5 crafts
  10. Learn how to change a tire
  11. Blog 1 painting a day for a month
  12. Floss everyday for a month
  13. Go on a picnic to Lake Creek Park (where we took our engagement pictures)
  14. Go camping
  15. Read 5 "classics" (I have picked them out)
  16. Go geocaching
  17. Go fishing. I have never been fishing.
  18. No soda for 1 month
  19. Read New Testament
  20. Write a letter to myself to read when I'm 35
  21. Send "Just Because" cards to 5 people
  22. Watch 5 black and white movies (I have picked them out already).
  23. [married eyes only]
  24. No internet for 7 consecutive days
  25. Breakfast in bed (even if I have to make it)
  26. Bubble bath with candles
  27. Make cupcakes and deliver them
  28. Hike Hogback
  29. Write in my journal once a week for 3 months
  30. Go on 10 bike rides (not including Sunriver)
  31. Update my bucket list
  32. Go golfing
  33. Go visiting teaching every month for a year
  34. Read an autobiography of someone I have never heard of (I have picked this out)
  35. Buy a dress
  36. Eat raw vegetables/fruit for 7 consecutive days
  37. No sweets for 1 month
  38. Learn how to meditate properly
  39. Meditate for 10 minutes a day for 7 consecutive days
  40. Go to Black Friday sales
  41. Go bowling
  42. Visit Bear Creek Park (where I fell in love with Nic and where he proposed)
  43. Go to the temple 7 times
  44. Do a random act of kindness for different people for 7 consecutive days
  45. Say nothing negative about myself for 7 consecutive days
  46. Save all of my change during the 1001 days
  47. Watch all of the Star Wars movies
  48. Play/dance in the rain
  49. Make a blanket fort and eat a meal in it
  50. Go to a drive-in movie...if I can find one
  51. Ask 3 people what their fav book is and read them
  52. Write a list of 50 things I love about myself
  53. Sing a duet with Nic in church
  54. Wear very little make-up for 7 consecutive days: foundation, blush, mascara, perfect lip color (refer to #78)
  55. Go shooting
  56. Go on a Ferris Wheel
  57. [married eyes only]
  58. Think of 101 things to do
  59. Take 1 picture everyday for a month
  60. Go to Build-A-Bear and build a bear
  61. Eat sticky rice for breakfast for 7 consecutive days
  62. Kiss Nic under mistletoe
  63. Win a stuffed animal from a claw machine
  64. Learn how to tie a tie
  65. Write down what induces anger for me and burn it
  66. Try a new flavor of ice cream
  67. $.05 slot machine
  68. Play in the snow
  69. Make fresh wheat bread without using a bread machine
  70. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  71. Take pictures of each task
  72. Learn how to use chopsticks
  73. Take pictures in a photo booth/kiosk
  74. Complete the 200 sit-up challenge
  75. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  76. Buy something from an Etsy shop
  77. Display a piece of art in my home
  78. Find the perfect red lipstick shade
  79. Buy a new piece of lingerie
  80. Complete the 100 push-up challenge
  81. Watch 5 musicals I've never seen (already picked out)
  82. Answer "50 questions that will free your mind"
  83. Go kayaking on the lake with my mom
  84. Buy/use a store bought hair removal system
  85. Swim a 500 in 15 minutes or less
  86. Go on a walk for 5 consecutive Saturdays
  87. Purchase old pieces of jewelry from Goodwill
  88. Buy a piece of clothing from Goodwill that I will actually wear
  89. Learn how to check and change the oil in my car - write it down - keep it in my car for future use
  90. Measure for a bra and buy the appropriate size
  91. Find a personally inspirational quote and make it into a piece of art or home decor
  92. Leave post-it notes in 7 library books
  93. Write 5 prompts in my journal use creative writing prompts
  94. Participate in Operation Beautiful
  95. Buy 5 children's books about adoption
  96. Do a 500 piece puzzle - glue it together - display it in my home
  97. Watch a baseball game at Keizer Stadium
  98. Go to a midnight premier showing of a movie
  99. Buy a case for my glasses
  100. Adopt a baby (my personal fav)
  101. Celebrate when I've completed 101 in 1001
There you have it. That's my whomping list. Seems like a lot at first, but it is spread out over 1001 days. Ending date: November 20, 2013.
I'm off to a great start. #58. DONE.



Dani said...

What a fun idea! Can't wait to hear all about all your tasks. PS... I know where two drive in movie theaters are. Sounds like you need to make a trip to Idaho this summer! :)

Molly said...

I love it! What a great list! Excited to watch you take this journey!

Warrior Princess said...

this is super cool!!!! i'm stealing it. lol. I LOVE THE FLOSSING ONE!!