Sunday, August 12, 2012

MeMoRiAl DaY

So I realized the other day that I didn't blog about our annual trip to Brookings (back in May).
Talk about disappointed. So here it is.
 We roasted peeps for the first time. T.A.S.T.Y.
 We spend time down at Harris Beach.
 My squirrel whisperer.

 Let me explain...
 During Memorial Day weekend, there is the Azalea Festival.
With every festival, there is a parade.

 Last year we saw that there was a slug race.
We participated this year.
 Meet: Han Solo Foot. :)
 Ice cream from Slugs 'n Stones 'n Ice Cream Cones.
 Let the race begin! First slug that made it from out of the bag and onto the plywood won.
Han Solo Foot didn't win but he did his best.
 Azalea Park

 Mini hike

 Another mini hike to Thunder Rock Cove

 This was the first year we actually took a picture with the sign.
We had a great vaca to Brookings. Until next Memorial Day...

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