Monday, September 10, 2012

BaYsIdE eLiTe

We have been reminded multiple times recently to live life to the fullest.
"Move on" with life. Adoption will happen when it happens.
The here and now - it's Nic, Harrison and I and we're ok with that.
We are one happy family. :)

Nic and I have talked about wanting a popup tent trailer since the first time we went camping.
Our Utah trip gave us the final push we needed to buy the 2002 Coleman Bayside Elite (thanks to Craigslist).
We decided to set it up this evening: 
 Harrison was supervising.
 #1 king bed
 And #2 king bed. That's right - be jealous. 
 The sink and 3 burner stove because we're "fancy" like that.
 "Bring me my food woman!" Kidding. He's sitting in our dining room.
 All set up. Don't you love how Harrison is posing?
 Let me in! Is it my turn now?
 The slide out dinette.
 Harrison wanted to help me with dinner tonight.
 I did enjoy looking out my kitchen window and seeing that baby in my driveway.
We can not wait to take it out. 


Lauren Conley said...

FUN! Just so that you know, there are loads of camping sites in southern California. :)

Dani said...

So fun!! It looks great! Hope you get to take it out this weekend.