Monday, September 10, 2012

BaYsIdE eLiTe

We have been reminded multiple times recently to live life to the fullest.
"Move on" with life. Adoption will happen when it happens.
The here and now - it's Nic, Harrison and I and we're ok with that.
We are one happy family. :)

Nic and I have talked about wanting a popup tent trailer since the first time we went camping.
Our Utah trip gave us the final push we needed to buy the 2002 Coleman Bayside Elite (thanks to Craigslist).
We decided to set it up this evening: 
 Harrison was supervising.
 #1 king bed
 And #2 king bed. That's right - be jealous. 
 The sink and 3 burner stove because we're "fancy" like that.
 "Bring me my food woman!" Kidding. He's sitting in our dining room.
 All set up. Don't you love how Harrison is posing?
 Let me in! Is it my turn now?
 The slide out dinette.
 Harrison wanted to help me with dinner tonight.
 I did enjoy looking out my kitchen window and seeing that baby in my driveway.
We can not wait to take it out. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

LaBoR dAy

For Labor Day we headed to Utah.
THURSDAY. Drove to Eugene. Dinner at Red Robin (GF hamburger buns and a dedicated frier for french fries makes this girl very happy).

 FRIDAY. Fly to Utah.
We headed to the hotel Nic's sister was staying at.
We had a little fun. ;)
 We saw Chantelle (whom I met for the first time). Me, Chantelle, Molly.
 Cousin fun in the pool/hot tub.
 We stayed in Lehi with Emily (Nic's cousin) and Garrett. 
Meet Sprinkles. 
 Friday night we had dinner in West Jordan with my sister, SIL, and cousin. 
We then headed to see one of Nic's very good friends who was also a mission companion.
They recently had a baby so we got our baby snuggles on.
 Handsome boy.
 Josh and Nic with the creepy snake (one of many).
 SATURDAY (no pictures). Drove to Lehi for our nephew's baptism. Then on to Tuelle for a nephew's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was basically a mini family reunion (minus one of Nic's brothers).
SUNDAY. Church with Emily and Garrett. Sunday feasting and relaxing.
 Fun at the park.
Nic and Garrett.
 Our attempt at a self group pic. Not bad.
 Me and the cute pregnant lady (AKA Emily). :)
 Love this man.
 So....I was trying to climb up the slide because I wanted us to go down it. I couldn't climb up it, so Nic tried to push me up - this is true love at its finest moment. I was laughing so hard, so I took the stairs. 
 We made it to the top the traditional way.
Look at those monkey arms!
 MONDAY. Fly home and miss our family in Utah.
Chevy Impala was our ride whilst in Utah.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Life goes on when adoption doesn't and here's what we do.
Nic plays basketball.
 We do updates on our house.
Nic paints a wall in the future nursery.
 We (meaning Nic) installed a fan in said future nursery.
 I craft.
 We went out to dinner with a group of people for the Freedom Celebration.
 We take pictures of ourselves.
 Klamath Insurance Center (KIC) was one of the main sponsors of the Freedom Celebration. 
 We watched a strong man competition.

Replica of the wall of the many names of fallen soldiers. Very sobering.
 We hang out with family.
And that's what we do.