Monday, January 7, 2013

bLeSsInG dAy

Everett was blessed on Sunday, December 23 by his wonderful father.
Nic gave a beautiful blessing - I was crying even before the blessing began.
I was so overwhelmed by gratitude and love.
Nic and I were very fortunate because all of my family was in town for Christmas.
We have great timing. :)
We thought for sure that he would be swimming in his blessing outfit...
It fit him so well! Look how handsome he is. He might outgrow it by the time we are sealed. 
We had a luncheon at my parent's house afterwards.
 I couldn't believe how many men were standing in the circle. This isn't even everyone who stood in.
I'm so grateful to be surrounded by worthy priesthood holders.
Everett has many wonderful examples around him: uncles and grandpas. :)
I felt so humbled by how many people stood in.

 Because it was the Sunday before Christmas, Everett and cousin Beckett had to have matching outfits.
So stinking adorable!
 Three generations of Phair men. :)

What a wonderful day.
Unfortunately, Everett's birthparents weren't able to make it, but I know there were there in spirit.
Everett has blessed so many lives and will continue to do so.
I am so grateful for my husband who holds the priesthood.
There was so much love on this day.


Summer said...

Such a special day! We are so glad we got to be there and be a part of it! Love that sweet boy!

Lauren Conley said...

I hope you were counting love from a far-away Auntie!!

Ashlyn Marie Hanna said...

Love that blessing outfit. Adorable. Congratulations on your little family.