Monday, April 15, 2013

GiRlS tRiP

My mom, sister and I headed up to Salem this past weekend for a pseudo girls trip.
I call it pseudo because my other 2 sisters weren't there. :(
We met up with Sharon to do some shopping.
We hit up the outlets in Woodburn.
Ate a delicious dinner at McGrath's Fish House.
Sisters. I love living in the same town as one of my sisters.
We saw a movie that evening (Admission).
We stayed with the Stewart family that evening.
The next morning brought a Denny's breakfast.

We then hit up Old Navy, Costco, and then headed home to our families.
It was great to get away with the girls! 
Thanks to my hubby for letting me spend the weekend away!


suzanne said...

We really had a good time. We really missed Sumo and Nikki! Thanks to the hubby's for making it possible for us to spend some time together!

Dani said...

Pseudo indeed, but super fun!! What a nice getaway!