Thursday, April 3, 2014

E uPdAtE

I have been on birth control for 2 months. Yes I am in infertile. My dr put me on it to suppress my ovaries to see if that would help resolve the pain from my right ovary where Earl was a guest. 
I would say the birth control is "helping" but the problem is not resolved. 

***Womenly talk ahead***

I have been having yearly pap smears for 6 years now - not a long time but I know what to expect.
Today was the first one that has ever hurt. My right side was ticked! 
Now granted, she was pushing and poking to see if she could feel anything.
My uterus is angled to the right and tips back. I'm a little off kilter. :)
She scheduled me for another ultrasound next week. The next step is to have laprascopic surgery.
She very well might find scar tissue, a cyst, or endometriosis. 
No decisions have been made. Have the ultrasound and see what it shows.


suzanne said...

Knowledge is power. It will be good to know!

suzanne said...
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Brittney Nelson said...

Good luck with everything!