Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indio, CA

Our next stop and final stop was Indio, CA (20 min S of Palm Springs). Beautiful WorldMark resort that we stayed - over 400 rooms - lazy river - hot tubs - market - pools - beautiful! The night we got there we just walked around the resort - ordered a pizza - hot tubbing. Funny side note: on our way to Indio, we stopped at the town called Upland to get gas and find a bathroom. No offense to Nic, but I blame him for this stop. Not only did it take us forever to find a gas station but of course this station didn't have a bathroom. We both had to go so bad that it took us forever to find this little store that smelled like incense - blah! Sketchy! We finally made it back on the road, but it did take us probably around 30 min for that side detour. Our arrival night was relaxing but fabulous. Next day was a lazy day - slept in - bought Disneyland tickets. Went to this ghetto little movie theater in "downtown" Indio called the Metro 8 theaters. We saw 7 Pounds and I recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Balled our eyes out - both of us. We walked around few stores that night and then ate dinner at In' N Out - delicious! Nic's first experience.
This pic has nothing to do with what we did during these 2 days, but there were these windmills everywhere! There were so many!!!


Lauren MacKenzie Conley said...

#1: there is NOTHING in Upland. You're lucky you found a gas station even after all the searching.
#2: yay for the creepy windmills. Did I ever make you watch "Mac & Me"? Cause they're in there.


Nikki said...

We called it the Ghetto 8 Theater. We have pictures there.

It's so funny to read your posts, because it feels like reliving my honeymoon.