Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new married couple + new ward = new callings

Nic and I are loving our new ward - we aren't in my parents ward, but we ended up in 1st ward which is the ward I grew up in. It's kind of weird for me to be back with all of the leaders that watched me grow up, but it's great to be back. We both love our bishop - Bishop Anderson. He and his wife are great people. The ward is full of great people - I think we are really going to have a great experience there. As you can see in the title of this post that because Nic and I are a new married couple in a new ward, of course we both got new callings. They already had callings picked out for us even before we moved into the ward! Crazy.
Nic is the: Assistant Scoutmaster and I am: the primary chorister
We have both been doing work for our calling and are loving them. I think the Lord is preparing me to have children by working with them. I love being in Primary! Nic loves being with the young men. We love our ward and love our new callings - who knows what else the Lord has in store for the Phairs...


mom-jayne said...

You two will be awesome in your callings!!! Good for you!!

Shauna said...

I can totally imagine you as the primary chorister--so cute!! glad you guys are doing well!