Friday, August 21, 2009

desert cont...

Saturday started off with a brunch at Jacque's house (beautiful house and delicious food). We hung out with Lauren and Kellie - trip to Kohl's (my fav store) - light lunch at Paradise Bakery (the one time I got cold in AZ haha) - dinner at Seranos (their fav. Mexican restaurant).
Jayne and Paul
Lauren and Natalie
"Little" Robbie and Shauna. I still see him at about age 8...maybe.
The 3 of us - Kellie went out for her sister's birthday dinner. We missed her.
After dinner, we went to this amazing water park: Sun Splash from 7-11. It was a BLAST! So many fun waterslides. I'm pretty sure Shauna and I drove by it on the freeway at least a few times a day. I have been wanting to go to a water park all summer, and my wish came true. :) There were 5-6 slides that you had to go down on tubes; 4 regular ones; the dreaded Cauldron (aka Toilet Bowl); 2 steep ones; lazy river; wave pool; not so fun kiddy slides. The toilet bowl: a steep slide down and then it shoots you into this whirlpool thing and then down a hole into 9 ft. deep water. Shauna, Lauren and I were all being chickens about it - Natalie just rolled her eyes. haha We all went on it. Funny story: Lauren somehow ended up going down the hole (not the slide) head first. We don't really know it happened. haha It was a near death experience...ok not really. We had a good laugh about it though and it makes for a great story.
After Sun Splash: we were exhausted!
Sunday was wonderful. Shauna's farewell talk was A.MAZING. I cried through the whole thing. She is going to make a wonderful missionary and I still can't believe she's going. I'm so happy and excited for her. After our meetings, we had a big dinner with all of the family (sorry no pics). It was a very tasty, Hawaiian themed dinner. It was fun to see all of the family for one last time.
Shauna and me my last morning in AZ
Monday morning brought brunch at TC Eggingtons with the g.rents, mom, Jayne, Paul, Shauna, Nat, and me. It was very tasty. We then headed over to the g.rents to cool off in the pool. It was relaxing last day.
The 3 ladies at TC Eggingtons
At the airport, I got to see Sam and Nikki. It was a wonderful surprise! They had flown to AZ to drive down to San Diego with Nikki's family and we ended up being at the airport at the same time. I got to coke with them for an hour or so. Sadly, my mom wasn't able to join us because we ended up being on different flights. haha (long story about my flight confusion) It was great to see them, if only for an hour. All in all it was a great trip! Thank you to Jayne and Paul for letting me stay with them. Thank you to Shauna for making it a wonderful trip. Thank you to Kellie and Lauren for making me laugh - it was great to have a little roomie reunion. I think we want to try and do this again. A HUGE thank you to my mom and dad for providing me flights to AZ - it really meant a lot. A GINORMOUS thank you to my wonderful, brown eyed hubby. I got home from girls camp and was off again. I missed him a lot, but I'm grateful for him supporting me. Thanks for a wonderful trip everyone!


mom-jayne said...

It was so fun reading about all the fun!! We LOVED having you here Ali!! It was like old times. being here for Shauna's farewell was just perfect. Thanks for taking time away from your life and sharing a fun-filled few days. Now you need to bring Nic down and introduce him to AZ and the AZ family he hasn't yet met. Loves...

jacque said...

fun to see you. Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend. How random that you met up with sam and nikki. Come back in the winter next time!