Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun in the Desert (aka AZ)

I'm home from my trip to the desert - well worth it. I flew in on Thursday and of course my aunt (Jayne) and 2 cousins (Natalie and Shauna) were waiting for me. Shauna and me headed over to Dyan's house (cousin) to see her new twin boys. She even let us feed them! They are yummy! We had a yummy salmon dinner thanks to Jayne. I have to take advantage of the seafood, because Nic is not as big of a fan as I am. hehe We then met up with Kellie and Lauren. I have known Lauren since Fall of 2005 and Kellie since...we lived together (I can't think of when that was haha). It was a little roomie reunion in honor of Shauna's farewell. We laughed the night away! Friday morning Shauna and I headed to do a session in the Mesa Temple. Beautiful and large. It was different for me to be in a bigger temple (compared to the Medford). It was a great experience to be there with Shauna.
Mesa Temple
Shauna and me after our session
We headed over to my grandparent's (aka g.rents) for lunch. They took us out to lunch at Peter Piper's Pizza. Yummy pizza and in great company. We met up with Kellie and Lauren and took a trip to the ginormous Scottsdale Fashion Square. So many store! Once again used to the not so big Medford Mall (kind of ghetto compared to the AZ malls). I think Shauna said that there are 7 or so malls within 15 minutes of her house. The closest one to me is over an hour away! haha
3 beautiful ladies: Lauren, Kellie and Natalie
A not so safe picture of me and Shauna (she's driving)
The 4 roomies at the fashion square
Hangin' out words to describe my weirdness
Love "L"
Love this pic of Shauna and Kellie
We headed to BJ's for some dinner and yummy pazookie dessert.
I didn't post the pic of my food, but know that there was a massive amount of fries (there was no way I could finish them all). So good though.


Dani said...

What a fun trip! I had to laugh because everything you did reminded me of our summer swaps when we were little... the restaurants, the mall, the water park, the swimming... it was a nice little trip down memory lane. Thanks!! Glad you had a good time!

Shauna said...

Oh man, such good, fun times!! I'm so glad you were able to come down!! Loves xoxo

Summer said...

What a great weekend! I'm so jealous you got to spend such great time with all the fam!