Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second time was the charm

We did find a campgroud: Six Rivers National Park (or something like that) located near Gasquet. We were able to find one with some tree coverage in case it did rain...again. On Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Crescent City to do some surfing... (I hope Nic doesn't get mad at me for posting this pic.) We actually went to this po dunk aquarium: Ocean World. There was this surf board outside, so I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity. We were able to see Leopard Sharks, sting rays, we even got to pet a shark, and there was a little sea lion show. My fav part were these fish... I guess they were playing dead. There were even some laying on the rocks. Crazy fish. We also got eaten by a Great White Shark... Good times in this little aquarium... There was this awesome beach that we stopped by. This is the perfect pic for the Little Mermaid to appear. Next stop was Trees of Mystery - all about the giant Redwood trees. There were some pretty neat trees. Here is what they call the Family Tree. There are trees growing out of the branches of one tree. Here is the elephant tree with a few elephants on the side. FYI Nic was making elephant noises while taking this pic - I was laughing soo hard! Cathedral Tree - people actually can reserve this area and get married here (notice the altar). Brothers gotta hug at the Brotherhood tree. Chris and Nic were doing some bonding. PS This tree is 19 feet in diameter! We took the Sky Trail to the top: And of course at the end, Nic and I are always still in love. We had a great camping trip with our friends. Hope we can do it again soon!


Phairforce said...

Fun! I love the surfing picture!

Miss K said...

i love all the pics alli! you guys are adorable! lol. especially the kissy pics and bum pic. hahah! glad you had fun! k