Monday, November 23, 2009

She Wolfs

As most of you know, Friday and Saturday were our first dance team performances. They went really well...I had to sing the national anthem both days (also went well). For our team, my friend Tiffany and I made "shoes" for each of the girls.........
We put the girl's name and then a quote about dance. They turned out really cute and the girls really appreciated them. Mine is hanging on my fridge. :)
This is me and Tiffany before we headed over to Hayley's house to get ready. She and I have become really good friends. :)
Me, Marie, Savannah, and Hayley (now you all know what my dance team captain looks like) - getting ready. These are the t-shirts that we wore: Save the Hooters. It's to support mammography.
After Tiffany and I beautified ourselves - I did her hair and got her hooked on the 3-barrel (what I did to our hair).
Posing for the camera dressed, hair and make-up done: me, Maria, Kasia, and Hayley.
Chloe. Hayley's miniature Dachsund. I love her. I want one. So stinking cute.
The finished product....
The performing team before we dance. Top row: Mackenzie, Savannah, Nicole, Jessica, and me. Bottom row: Kasia, Hayley, Marie, and Tiffany.
While OIT was warming up before the game, we were just out there giving the audience a little preview. Ok not really, we just kept beat to the music. Step together and what not. Nothing too special... The performances went well both nights. Lucky for me, all of my sisters and Nic came and watched on Saturday. My parents came on Friday night and then my mom came again on Saturday. Thank you again for coming! It was so much fun to perform. We got a lot of student and crowd support - I think they really liked it. The dance team kind of has a stigma attached to it thanks to last year, but we are changing it this year. :) I will try and get the video posted so you can see our dance.......

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mom-jayne said...

Can't wait to see a video. You all are darling! Such a fun thing to do! And you sang too??? Such talent!!