Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WaS i EvEr

Boy, was I ever surprised...Tabatha (Cooke) told me on Friday (April 9) that we had a meeting for Public Relations (OIT job) on Monday (April 12). For some reason, I felt kind of nervous about this meeting. I get to work on Monday a little before noon and asked Tabatha why we were having a meeting. She said probably just a get together and have lunch - get to know everyone. Ok. We walk into the conference room and surprise! the room is all decorated with "Congrats Grad" and everyone is already in there for a graduation surprise party! I was so surprised - I love my work! We had a yummy enchilada lunch and then a delicious strawberry poppyseed cake. So good. They gave me a frame for my diploma. What a great way to start off my week...
Me and my yummy cake: Congratulations Allison
They made me wear this awesome hat! I even had a ginormous pin to wear and 2 necklaces. Awesome!
Thank you OIT Public Relations! :)


Savannah said...

that's so sweet!!

Phairforce said...

What great friends and coworkers!