Thursday, January 13, 2011

ChRiStMaS & tHeN sOmE

It's about time I finally post the end of 2010 (aka Christmas) and the beginning of 2011 (aka New Years). Christmas was spent with my family - my WHOLE ENTIRE family was in town. 21 people. Crazy. Fun. We started off the festivities with my mom's concert at RRT - such a talented woman, but I knew that.
Brother Ben, SIL Sharon, Hudson (all of the kids stayed home - he was the lucky one)
Sister Summer, BIL Josh
Brother Sam, SIL Nikki
Sister Dani and my dad
Me and Neeko
Nic's birthday falls around Christmas (December 22). I did the 12 days of Neeko. For 12 days, he had the privilege of listening to me sing "The 12 Days of Neeko" (same tune as "The 12 Days of Christmas) and opening a gift everyday. He got a bunch of different things, including breakfast in bed and a few gift certificates. For his actual b-day, we had dinner at my parents house, then me and all of the sibs went bowling. We had a blast!
The birthday boy and my crazy brother Sam
Look at that form! He should quit his day job. haha
The ladies: me, Nikki, Summer, Dani, Sharon
The men: Sam, Nic, Josh, Ben (my BIL Jefferson missed out)
Sweet pants
Christmas Eve day we saw Tangled. GREAT MOVIE. I highly recommend it. Nic and I then went to our own home and celebrated our own little Christmas.
There is quite the story behind these boots. I will save it for a different post.
Yay! A boring white dress shirt. He obviously was really excited.
So happy!
Ooo. Love the boots.
Lookin' good.
Nic even surprised me by taking me to Solar Nails to get my nails done. I had been asking for weeks to get them done, but was not expecting it at all. They can be pricey, but non the less. Such a sweet man. We spent the night at my parent's on Christmas Eve and hung out the rest of the day. I didn't take any other pics except for this one:
Good morning!
Santa Claus visited us and brought us everything we asked for. We had a very merry Christmas indeed. :)
In between Christmas and New Years, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It was spent at work. haha We to dinner and a movie. I didn't even take a picture. :( I can't believe it's already been 2 years. I love being married to my best friend.
New Years eve.
We are hott and we know it. :)
We went to Bull Mania. Love it every time. Another recommendation. Who wouldn't love bucking horses and bulls?
Me and Summer
My amazing rentals. Love them.
Summer and Josh
3 pretty ladies (well at least 2 haha)
Woo! Terrifying.


Summer said...

It was so fun to be up there and spend time with you! Can't wait to see you again, hopefully soon! Loves!

Sharon said...

What a fun Christmas! It was fun to be there with you guys! And thanks again for the's fun to get out without the kids!