Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 - 4

 I turned the big 2 - 4 on July 23. The day started off by helping my SIL pack up her house (she moved to Utah). We then headed to a ward pioneer activity. There were pioneer games and food. During one of the games, I biffed it. Hard core. Scratched up my legs a bit. Nothing like a good birthday fall. haha On that day, there was an air show at the base - we watched 15 jets take off from my other SIL's house. The birthday girl:

 The birthday girl and Neeko
 One of the jets taking off. I could watch them land and take off ALL day.
 "'Cause I'm leavin' on a jett plane - don't know when I'll be back again"
 Nic and I headed to go see Captain America with my rents. I would say it wasn't that good. I was a bit disappointed because they had very futuristic things for back during WWII. I mean, seriously. We don't even having anything like that in 2011. Anyways, it was ok.
Then it was up to my rents' house for dinner, presents and dessert. Opening presents:

 Reading a card - very funny
 LOVE this purse from my rents
 LOVE this top and sweater - my parents know my taste oh so well
 Opening...what could it be?
 I seriously have no idea what I'm opening up from Nic. So I had to open another present...
 What is it?
 A fishing reel! The first present was a fishing license! I know this may seem like a weird gift to some, but I have always wanted to go fishing! I was so dang excited! And it's hot pink and black! I will be one stylish fisher!
 A giant poster?
 No. The Ugly Stick (that's why I'm frowning haha). It's the matching pole. 
 What could I be oh so happy about?
 SEWING MACHINE! I told Nic that I had to come to sewing on my own - don't pressure me to learn how. It was my goal to learn how this Summer. My mom and I are going to be sewing buddies! YAY.
 Love my handsome Neeko
 Delish smoked prime rib for dinner
 My dad. The master of smoked meat.
 For dessert, Nic made a delish GF chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I couldn't eat all of my frosting, so what do I do? Make designs in it - like my name.
 And cool mountains with a lake. Haha
 Great company to enjoy the sunset
 (Don't hate me for posting this pic mom) I just love them!
 Ah. Love.
 Need I say anything? I think not.
 Testing out my new machine. It needs a name...
 So proud of my rectangle! It was very satisfying.
 When my family was in town for Staycation, we had a mini birthday celebration for me and my SIL Nikki. I got this uber cute white purse.
My mom and I headed to Jo Ann's. Picked out a skirt pattern and this dang cute material. Can not wait to sew me a skirt. I will def post pictures!
Thank you mom, dad and Nic for the wonderful day! And thank you to everyone else for the birthday wishes!

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mom-jayne said...

Wow!!! What a fun bday!! I love that you are going to sew...hang in is so much fun!! Can't wait to see the skirt. Love the fabric! Glad you had a happy celebration! LOVE YOU...