Sunday, July 17, 2011

StAyCaTiOn 2011

What an amazing week we had with the Stewart Family! Everyone was in town: 12 adults and 10 kids (all under the age of 5). Mad house! We had a lot of fun soaking up the sun by the pool, ATV rides, relaxing and lots of eating. I was a poor photographer, so sorry for the lack of pictures...

Neice Bentley Harmon
 Us before heading to dinner 
 SIL Sharon, Ben, BIL Josh, Summer, Dani (L to R clockwise)
 My amazing, tan rents
 SIL Nikki, Sam
 Us again :)
 All of the beautiful ladies
 Headed for a train ride
 The hubs
 That was our train. Such a relaxing ride. 35 miles of track in the woods (we didn't ride the whole 35 miles)
 SIL Nikki, newphew Jameson Stewart
 Beautiful scenery
 Railroad Crossing
 Break time
 Real cart from an actual train
 At the end of the ride
 All of the girls went out to lunch for a "Fav Thing." We each brought what our fav thing was from this past year and brought enough for everyone. Mine was Sixlets. Each got their own colored bag. They're GF!
 Nikki and Wrinkle Release - can't wait to try it!
 Sharon and Sweedish Fish (my bag is still not gone) and a ring she made
 Dani with a brownie spatula, recipe and brownie mix. I got a GF mix. :)
 Summer and pocket watch necklace charm with our family's birth stones - mine has 2 :)
 Mom and interchangeable necklace. Coolest necklace ever!
Girls also had a spa day: pedicures and facials. I highly recommend getting a facial. They also massage your head, neck and shoulders. Divine. I look pretty nast without make-up. 
 Seafood Fest! Delish crab legs. I could eat seafood 24/7/365. No joke.
 Coconut shrimp.
 The table was wrapped in paper. No plates. Use your hands and dig in! We also had grilled scallops. Yum!
We had a great time with everyone! Love you all!


Summer said...

We sure had a fun time! Can't believe how fast it went!

Shauna said...

looks like such a fun staycation!!

Dani said...

I can't believe it's already come and gone. Sad day. Now we just need to get you and Nic out here to visit!!!! :)