Monday, November 21, 2011

HaPpY 1sT bIrThDaY

Happy 1st Birthday to Harrison!

So I'm going to do a post about our 1 year old dog similar to those of parents' kids turning 1. Don't make fun. Harrison is our little toddler.

Yes, it's November 21 and Harr Bear turns 1 today. I can't believe our little guy is 1. He is such a great dog and we love him very much. :)

At 1 year old Harrison loves:

~ Laying by the fireplace
~ Laying by your feet
~ Playing with his blue toy
~ Going on walks
~ Eating
~ Peanut Butter anything
~ Car rides
~ Fetch

At 1 year old Harrison doesn't like:

~ Vacuums
~ Unfamiliar noises
~ Spider webs 

Although maybe the year 2011 didn't bring our "blessing from heaven," but we were blessed with Harrison. He is such a joy to have around.
Happy Birthday Harrison!


Shauna said...

how long have you guys had him now?? happy 1st, harrison! :)

KP said...

happy first bday harrison!! he's a very loved pup!

Lauren Conley said...

I love that he is afraid of spider webs! Dogs are awesome.