Friday, November 18, 2011


That's what I have. Spawn-dee-lo-lis-thesis (do you like how I just pronounced it for you?).

I have been going to my Physical Therapist for some weeks now.
He's breaking up with me (giggle).
He told me I can still see him, but that it's time for me to see my primary doc.
The therapy isn't working as well as we all hoped for.
I have an appointment scheduled with my primary doc and then he'll probs have me go see an ortho doc.
If I see an ortho doc who knows what will happen.
I talked with my PT about surgery. :/ (This is the last thing I want to think about right now)
He said there are pros and cons about having surgery at my age.
Then again an ortho doc might say that I'm not a surgical candidate.
The only problem is the Spawn-dee-lo-lis-thesis can get worse. My vertebrae has nothing to hold onto - it's a bit fractured.
So for now, we shall wait and see what my primary doc says.

Don't go breakin' your back now ;)

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Shauna said...

wow--i hope it all works out well!
ps, i love how you said giggle in this post. LOVE.