Friday, January 27, 2012

HeAtHeR bRoWn

You read about Kailua Village in "downtown" Kona in my Hawaii post. There are quite a few art galleries along the way. We went into one and I fell in love...
With Heather Brown. I absolutely LOVE her paintings. She does all of her paintings on an eco friendly sugar cane paper. Awesome.
Here are a few of her paintings. I love the vibrant colors. The thick lines. The "piecy" look.

I love the look of the differnt birds bunched together
 I think this is so cute. The birds. The couple.
                  Wouldn't this be perfect for Christmas time? I love the way she does birds.
                                           These Plumerias are beautiful in this painting.
                                               I will get my hands on the painting below. Trust me.
That's Heather Brown for you. She also has some beautiful paintings of the sunset and the ocean. Heather Brown also does designs on t-shirts, bags, iPhone covers, and even surf boards. Maybe I'll get a paddle board and have her design on it?
Aw. Love them.

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