Tuesday, January 3, 2012

*I apologize for this post*
The Downsies: feeling down and you just can't beat it.
Have you ever experienced "the downsies"?
I don't know what is going on, but I have been stuck in "the downsies" for a few days now.
It's not like I have this horrible life - I am a very blessed person.
I have also been very anxious - rapid heartbeat. What do I have to be so down and anxious about? Nothing. So what is going on?
If you have ever experience "the downsies," what are your suggestion and getting out?


Sam said...

Go golfing. Hitting a ball hard and far fixes everything.

Or take a few days off and come hang out here. We're really fun people.

Summer said...

Sam beat me to my suggestion! Come to Utah! We'll make it worth your while, I promise. :)

Exercise, jam out to some rockin' tunes, go for a drive with a Dew, and one of my all time favorites: SEW!

Best solution of all of those: Come to Utah AND sew with me! :)

Lauren Conley said...

I have a "bath time" mix (don't judge) that has mostly mellow, quasi-depressing songs interspersed with some of my favorite rock tunes. I get the water as hot as I can stand, and soak with only really low light, then go straight to bed. It works when I'm SUPER down.

suzanne said...

The reason? It's January.......Happens to the best of us my dear! Give it a voice - own it - and move on....... We all have down days/times in our lives for varying reasons and sometimes we don't really ever figure out the why.....But I've learned that you have to own it and allow yourself to feel it but don't stay there very long! Lot's of love.....I'm only 8 short minutes away!

KP said...

go for a run or do any sort of exercise! those endorphins will kick in :)
and yes, i have experienced the downsies and well as being anxious but you get over it eventually. running is my best solution :)
love you!!

Shauna said...

yes...come to utah!!

Dani said...

I heard Boise is closer and I have a room with your name on it! I'm just sayin'...