Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AdOpTiOn StOrY: pArT 2

*I lied. This story is going to be split up into more then 2 parts. You have to know all of the details to get the full effect of our story. It's a pretty amazing adoption story.*

November 15 is not very far away and we had a lot to do still. How long do you think it took my mom to finish the crib bedding? Not even 3 days! Can you tell she was a little excited for this little guy? Let the planning begin! We kept in contact with Kelbi via e-mail working out the details of contact. She is so amazing to work with and we learned quickly just how blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Setting up the crib
 Harrison was trying to "help"
 All set up!
 He's ready
 Vinyl quote above the glider chair
 Another quote above the crib
 Amazing bedding by my mother. So talented!
There is also a picture board and a pocket organizer that aren't hung yet. 
 Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, November 1 Kelbi had a doctor's appointment. She texted me and was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Doctor told her that baby is healthy and everything looks great. With this news we really didn't know if she would deliver early or not. She could be at this stage for who knows how long.

Friday, November 2 I started to panic about the boy names we picked out because what if he doesn't look like any of our names (Myron, Nolan or Kade). I have always like the name Everett and it popped into my head again. I presented the name to Nic and he was like "eh."

Sunday, November 4 Nic and I headed to my parent's house for dinner. Nic said "Everett Jay" out loud and he loved it. Everett is now in the running. I headed to bed around 10:20 that night. I was saying my evening prayers and praying for Kelbi - I expressed how grateful I am for her and her family. I got a text message. Who the heck is texting me so late at night?

Kelbi 10:20 PM: I'm checked into the hospital at 5cm dilated.

(I ran out of my room and told Nic the news - we're having a baby!)

Me 10:21 PM: When would you be comfortable with us coming to the hospital?
Kelbi 10:25 PM: Probably tomorrow sometime so u can try to rest tonight haha and that way ur not just sitting around waiting.

(We will most definitely not be sleeping. I of course called my mother and informed her of the news...WE'RE HAVING A BABY!)

Me 10:28 PM: How exciting! We won't be getting too much sleep. :) keep us posted when you can throughout the night. My phone will be with me.
Kelbi 10:30 PM: Okay :)
Me 10:31 PM: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. :)
Kelbi 10:33 PM: Thanks!

Kelbi 11:41 PM: Kelbi just got some meds to ease the pain. She is doing really well.
Me 11:42 PM: Good luck to her and thank you!

Kelbi 2:50 AM: You're beautiful baby boy just entered the world.
Me 2:51 AM: Oh my gosh! Yay! Details?
Kelbi 2:53 AM: We'll let you know when we know. They're cleaning him up. Haven't weighed or measured him yet.
Me 2:54 AM: How are you doing Kelbi?
Kelbi 3:01 AM: 19.5 inches
Kelbi 3:06 AM: He's six pounds ten ounces. This is Kelbi's sisters, but she's good. They're cleaning her up, they just decided to take her into surgery because she has a big tear that he can't get to very well.
(She sent us a picture of baby boy. As soon as Nic and I saw the picture we were deciding between Nolan and Everett.)
Kelbi 3:06 AM: Kelbi says he needs a name
Me 3:11 AM: He's absolutely beautiful. We really hope everything is ok with Kelbi. We want to talk about names when we meet him. We have a few picked out but we are not sure until we see him face to face.
Kelbi 3:13 AM: Makes sense
Me 3:16 AM: We will be leaving town by about 10:30.
Kelbi 3:17 AM: Ok travel safely.

Monday, November 5 is a day that changed our lives forever. This was our son's birthday. Nic headed to work for some meetings and I began to panic. haha I called my work and let them know my maternity leave would begin now. My mom and I headed to Fred Meyer to finish up some last minute shopping. Thank goodness I had already packed the diaper bag. His going home outfit was picked out. I seriously could not believe what was happening. Nic and I get in the car that afternoon and made the trip to Bend to meet our future...

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