Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ChRiStMaS cAmE eArLy

ChRiStMaS came a few days early for me and Nic. We headed up to my parent's house on Sunday, Dec. 20 to open their gifts. We had a delicious dinner: swiss cheese chicken. My mom of course decorated the table beautiful:
Here are my wonderful parents
Me and my wonderful hubby
First present of the early ChRiStMaS: a self healing matt with rotary cutter
One of Nic's ChRiStMaS presents: water purifier
Now I'm a true owl - sweatshirt and sweatpants
Loving the new jacket that came with a sweater, brown belt and boots
Pull Nic! Pull! Trying to get his new sleeping bag out...
Loving the new Nikes
Nic also got a new pair of brown dress shoes and a million candle flashlight. I also got a black purse, Children's hymnbook and Dayrunner. We had a great early ChRiStMaS with my parents. Thank you so much mom and dad for all of the gifts. We are loving them!


Anja said...

love your jacket, the color is awesome!

Alli Blue said...

You look spunky just like your mom!