Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gobble gobble

I thought that it was finally time to post about Turkey Day. Nic and I had a great time with the Stewart side of the family, but we did miss spending it with the Phair side of the family. We had a great time: playing the Wii, crafting (I guess that was just me), playing pool (that was more him), eating, family fun, and more eating.
My brother and his wife did some family pictures and this was our best...ok not really. You can see a good one in our header.
Here is the beautiful table all set for Thanksgiving dinner.
Me and my love on Turkey Day - dinner was always.
A tradition in my family is to up into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. None of this tree lot business. No. We have done this ever since I was little. I love it every time. Fire. Roast hot dogs and mallows. What more do you need? Since this year is Nic and I's first Christmas together as a married couple, we thought we needed to cut down our own tree.
About to go on the hunt on my parent's 4-wheeler
What up G? I'm sporting Nic's hat and I thought I looked pretty gangsta-like.
My parent's beautiful tree
Up in the mountains
Our first tree :)
It's all decorated now so I will have to post pics later of our LED decorated tree. Sorry I was so late posting! I have time now that I'm out of school for break.

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Phairforce said...

Looks like tons of fun! We miss you guys! I feel like I've had very little opportunity to get to know you. I'm glad you have a blog!