Friday, February 19, 2010

AmErIcA's GoT tAlEnT

Hayley told the dance team on the night of the Pink Out! that the producer from America's Got Talent called and wanted to see us dance. Exciting, right? Right. The producer asked us to put a couple of our dances on You Tube:
Lady Gaga Bad Romance
Pink Out!
He called Hayley yesterday and said we were "awesome." Woo hoo! We are headed to Talent, OR on Feb. 27 for an invitation only try-out to be on national TV! Take luck!


Lauren MacKenzie Conley said...

If you guys make it, does that mean you're coming to Southern California? Cause if should call me. hahahaha. GOOD LUCK!!

The Shearers said...

That's so exciting! Good luck! :-)

Savannah said...

That is SO cool!!! Break a leg at the auditions!!!

Katie said...

Woohoo! That is so fun! I always wondered how people end up getting on those shows, now I'll be able to say I know someone on one! You girls looked so cute in your pink out gear, I can totally see you rockin' out on TV in those outfits! Have fun, and yay for moving into a house!

Molly said...

Wow, thats awesome! Have a blast!